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Since 2015 our mission has been to search, find and post relevant news on Medical Marijuana / MMJ on Facebook – and on our Facebook Blog (www.facebook.com/BMMJNews), Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.

Medical Marijuana helped me and friends with Cancer, Inflammation, Pain, Insomnia, Restless Legs, Morbus Crohn,… and more. We believe in the medical benefits of Marijuana and our goal is to tell the world. If you have a specific medical request please speak to a doctor – we can only provide you with publicly available information.

www.Medica-Marijuana.news – our Mission

  • Read and Spread the latest News on the health benefits of Medical Marijuana!
  • Focus on Medical Marijuana News and Growing – and avoid politics
  • Language – This website will be available in German shortly and maybe further languages
  • Anonymity – 50%+ of our friends and followers live in countries where Marijuana is still illegal. We value anonymity
  • Sustainability – Relevant information available at all time

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