When Zoning Out Is Good For You


Boredom has always been a bad word that people use in a negative sense. You’re bored means your brain is not active and you can’t find something interesting around you. For some reason, that was the bored person’s fault and they had to hide their boredom and accept the forms of entertainment on offer.

This is especially true when the bored person is a child. The solution was usually to provide structured play to keep the child busy and develop their mental faculties. The idea was the less free time the child had the less bored they would be. Boredom, after all, was a waste of time and energy. But research shows that children who grew up with less unstructured play were more likely to end up as criminals and substance abusers.

Turns out those hours you spend zoning out and letting your mind roam free and unbridled, it boosted creativity and inspiration. It’s an integral part of your mental health to feel bored, stare into space and just do nothing. Being in the moment allows us to observe, immerse oneself, and get the full life experience. Think about it for a moment. Every art movement was a rebellion against the movement that preceded it. Every new invention was an act of destruction of what people were using at the time. The mobile rendered landlines redundant and smartphones made Nokia a thing of the past.

And it’s all because someone sat at their desk, zoned out and let their brain get creative. Remember how Newton discovered the laws of gravity. If he just reached for the apple and hate-ate it instead of rubbing the bump on his forehead and wondering why the apple fell down instead of up, that would have put science and sciencing centuries back. With that in mind, let me show you how to zone out comfortably and without distractions.


Make it a weekly habit. Just switch off the phone and tablet and TV and laptop and freaking Alexa. Stare out the window into empty space and let your mind wander. Just as you’d take your dog to the park and let them roam free and unfettered. You’d be surprised at how good that would make you feel. So go ahead and make an appointment with idleness next weekend.

Phone from a distance

Phones are small, slim, and handy for a reason. So that you keep them on your person at all times. By doing that you’re wasting more time on your phone than you should. It’s a distraction that keeps you from enjoying the healthy pleasures of phone-free me-time. And it’s not just your me-time that suffers. Your relationship with your family and partner suffers. It’s estimated that phones take up 18 minutes a day from our lives. Those are precious minutes you could be spending bonding with your S.O. So keep the phone away when you are not alone. Don’t keep it on the dinner table. Even if you’re not using it, it still interferes with the conversation.

Mind those addictive habits

Try to keep track of how many times you check your phone especially during a conversation. You’ll be amazed at how frequent you do it. People can’t finish a conversation without looking at their phone a few times. And you wonder why our relationships lack depth.

Daydream away

When you feel stuck with a problem and can’t for the life of you find a solution for it, this calls for some daydreaming. If you’re not the kind of person to just zone out so easily, try to watch something boring. It doesn’t have to be the drying paint on the wall. A pot of boiling water will do the job. Your mind won’t find much entertainment there so it will start to wander. Soon the problem will pop up and the creative part of your brain will deal with it for you.

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