The Ultimate Vaping Temperature Guide


Vaping is not rocket science, but sometimes it can be hard to know all the different temperatures for all the various vape-able products. Therefore, we provide you with the ultimate guide to vaping temperatures.


Vaping has become the exciting new way to consume cannabis in its many forms, as well as other beneficial herbs. Many people now vape as an alternative to the usual bong, joint, blunt, or whatever – sometimes even avoiding these methods altogether in favour of vaporizers.

But what are the right vaping temperatures for cannabis and other herbs? Below, we provide you with a comprehensive list of all the different vaping temperatures and their correlative effects. After this read, you’ll be able to get the most out of your herbs, every time.


Before we break down the ideal temperature for your preferred method of vaping, it’s helpful to understand why temperature matters in the first place. Ultimately, different temperatures are more ideal for activating and enhancing the efficacy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds. For example, if you reach temperatures of 230°C or higher, then you start to burn your herbs, which completely defeats the purpose of vaping in general.

Combustion is the one thing you are trying to avoid with vaping, especially if you are using it as a way of consuming medicine, or to quit smoking. Even within the recommended range for cannabis (175-220°C), the effects can vary greatly. This also depends on the strain you vape, as different heat settings will catalyse different effects.

This is very important, not only for recreational users, but particularly for patients. There are specific ranges for “unlocking” the potential of each cannabinoid like THC, CBD, and CBG. Depending on what temperature you vape at, you can set free specific cannabinoids.


After you have grown, harvested, and cured your own marijuana, the fun part has arrived – you can now vape your weed! To give you an idea of the best temperature settings for cannabis, we illustrate the different kinds of usage based on five diverse types of cannabis users. This is a bit “stereotypical” of course, but this way is more fun than simply listing temperatures.

1. The Patient

If you are a medical cannabis user, then it’s likely your vaping habits are the result of targeting a specific condition. That’s why you need to activate specific cannabinoids. Diseases and symptoms that can potentially be treated or alleviated with cannabis include anxiety, insomnia, nausea, appetite loss, pain, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, inflammation, and many more. The list could go on and on.

Patients are really looking for the best combination of the most powerful medical compounds found in cannabis. These compounds are comprised of cannabinoids and terpenes, among others. The most important cannabinoids for medical users are CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, and THCV, while the most prominent terpenes are caryophyllene, linalool, and myrcene.

To receive all of these precious compounds, you would have to vape at a very high temperature where you risk combusting your medicine. To avoid this, you should vape at 200°C. This way, you get all the essential compounds (except THCV), but don’t risk putting your health on the line.

2. The Healthy Rec Stoner

You like to get baked big time, but in a healthy way. That’s why you vape instead of smoke. In short, you are looking for a combination of euphoric and sedative effects, without the risks associated with inhaling smoke.

The most important cannabinoids for you are THC, CBD, and CBN. Linalool and α-terpineol are the terpenes you aim for.

For you, 200°C is the perfect temperature because you get all your desired compounds working in perfect harmony. If you go higher than that, you risk the inhalation of toxic by-products.

3. The Flavour Connoisseur

If you are a high-class cannabis connoisseur, you favour flavour over everything. You vape for the taste; everything else is just a nice bonus. Cannabinoids are not of the utmost importance for this kind of cannabis user, so we include only important terpenes here.

The best vaping temperature flavour-wise is 180°C. At this setting, you release all the major terpenes. If you go higher than this, you will notice that the flavour becomes less appealing. It will deteriorate from this point onward.

4. The Creative Explorer

Artists and spiritual beings usually fall into this category. You use cannabis for the mind-altering effects and look for creativity and the expansion of the boundaries of your imagination. The effect should be powerful, but clear. This is also good for meditation.

Important cannabinoids for you are THC and CBD, while the best terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

You should vape at 180°C if you consider yourself an explorer of consciousness. This way, you get all the THC and a little bit of CBD, but avoid the dampening and lethargy of a full-body stone.

5. The Social Stoner

You enjoy going to parties and fun get-togethers? Then you are a party animal that uses cannabis for an energetic, euphoric, and talkative high. You want to enhance social interactions and therefore, don’t want any of the anxiety or paranoia-inducing side effects of cannabis.

Important cannabinoids and terpenes for you are THC, CBD, caryophyllene, and myrcene.

You should vape at 180°C as well. Basically, it’s almost the same as with the explorer type; you make use of the motivating effects of cannabis, rather than its sedative side.


If you have a modern vaporizer or vape pen, then it is likely that you can also vape cannabis concentrates with your device. Concentrates come in all shapes and consistencies, which is due to the extraction method that is used to produce them. Vaping concentrates is a different experience from vaping cannabis flowers.

Some connoisseurs even argue that concentrates should only be dabbed because most vaporizers don’t get the job done well enough. However, in this article, we focus exclusively on the vaping method.

The problem is, concentrates must be vaped at higher temperatures than flowers, and most vaporizers can’t even reach these required temps. If you are planning to vape cannabis concentrates, make sure to check its temperature range beforehand. With that said, there are some incredible vapes on the market that can handle various types of concentrate, offering the high temperature settings required to produce a potent and flavourful vapor.

The reason concentrates call for higher temps is because you have to turn the whole material into vapour and melt it, at least with “full melt” concentrates. Some extracts can have a very solid structure, so in order to fully vaporize it, you will have to use the highest settings. Otherwise, you will only vaporize the outside of the substance. Unlike with flowers, there is nothing left after you have vaped your concentrate (besides a little residue, but that doesn’t count).


It can be a little bit overwhelming to get to know all the different consistencies of cannabis concentrates. Here is not the place to go into full detail about them; let’s just say they vary in form, taste, and potency. However, they all get you pretty damn baked. You will have to try various forms to find the right one for you. They come as hash, budder, wax, shatter, crumble, BHO, and so on. Some have a lighter, glassy consistency while others, like hash, are fairly solid.

To vape these concentrates, you will have to start with a minimum temperature of 210°C. That’s only slightly higher than the recommended temp for flowers. Again, this is really the minimum you should aim for and, to be honest, it will not make for a great vaping experience with most of the aforementioned extracts.

Experts say that temperature settings for concentrates start at 300°C minimum. Most vaporizers can’t even reach this heat. If you still want to try concentrates with your vaporizer, a good rule of thumb is: the more solid a concentrate is, the higher the temperature. Other than that, consider a dab rig.


Pure THC oil is also a concentrate but in a liquid consistency. Like the name suggests, it’s an oil. Because this is not considered full melt, you can aim for slightly lower temps than you would with solid extracts. For pure THC oil, you can vape using a temperature range of 200-250°C. This should get the job done properly and most vaporizers hit their temperature peak in this range. So, if you want to use concentrates with your vaporizer, pure THC oil (or CBD oil) would be the best solution for you.


A completely different range of vape-able products are vape herbs. Unlike cannabis, these are legal most everywhere and are used predominantly for aromatherapy. However, some of them do produce mild psychoactive effects. But usually, you vape these herbs for a pleasant and delightful aromatic experience. On the other hand, they can be used for medicinal reasons as well.

The following is a quick rundown of vape-able herbs, what temperature you should vape them at, and their effects:

  • Damiana (190°C): Increases sexual excitation and strengthens the nervous system
  • Catnip (100-150°C): Relaxing and comforting
  • Valerian (235°C): Sedative and anxiolytic
  • Passion Flower (154°C): Tranquilising and sedative
  • Lavender (130°C): Stimulates blood flow, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-depressant, muscle relaxant
  • Lemon Balm (142°C): Relaxes nervous system, promotes sleep, relieves headaches, increases blood circulation
  • St. John’s Wort (100-150°C): Natural antidepressant
  • Chamomile (190°C): Relaxing properties, boosts the immune system, promotes sleep
  • Hops (154°C): Mildly euphoric, sedative
  • Green Tea (178°C): Stimulating and calming
  • Sage (190°C): Antiseptic and estrogenic effects
  • Yerba Mate (150-190°C): Provides energising buzz
  • Calea Zacatechichi (190°C): Very sedative, slightly hallucinogenic high, induces and enhances lucid dreams
  • Peppermint (166°C): Relieves muscle spasms, antiseptic
  • Thyme (190°C): Relieves hypertensive conditions and gastric issues


E-Liquids are becoming another popular option for vaping your favourite herbs. Each bottle contains a natural concentrate that is derived from a herbal product. Further, they contain no additives or harmful stuff – just the pure, herbal experience. We have some of them in our webshop that you definitely should check out. As they come in a fluid or oil-like consistency, you can vape them at a temperature range of 200-250°C.

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