Trimming Cannabis Plants: Things You Need to Know


Now that growing and using weed is becoming legalized in more countries, weed lovers and enthusiasts should learn the best ways to grow plants! Apart from using the right fertilizers, pesticides and ensuring the plants get enough water and exposure to sunlight, pruning and trimming are also necessary. Without proper trimming and pruning of your cannabis plants, the yield will not be up to the desired level. This is applicable for all strains of cannabis.

Understanding the Importance of Pruning and Trimming of Cannabis

While growing cannabis strains is not very tedious and most strains cope well with weather elements and changing lighting and humidity levels, proper grooming of the plant is necessary for optimal growth and harvest. This is where trimming of plants comes into the picture.

There are more advantages to trimming weed plant than just enhanced growth and harvest! You have to consider the fact that most plants tend to grow uncontrolled without proper pruning. Proper trimming and pruning to the cannabis plants cause no harm. By clipping the dried leaves of the plants, you actually help it grow fresh leaves faster. It also helps the smaller leaves of the plant located close to the ground get more sunlight. Eventually, the plant health gets a boost and new branches keep growing.

Trimming wet or dry?

There is some confusion among the weed growers and connoisseurs regarding the right time to trim the plants. You can either trim the leaves when they are still wet or dried in sun. Both practices are prevalent, as it is.

You may trim your cannabis plants when the leaves are wet when:

  • You’re anxious about mold
  • The atmosphere has elevated humidity levels
  • There is just not enough space to dry trim the buds

You may want to trim your cannabis plants when the leaves are dry when:

  • Risk of mold formation is minimal
  • The atmosphere has lower humidity levels
  • You want the buds to be denser
  • You are not much into the color vibrancy of the buds

Things you Need to Trim the Cannabis Plants in the Right way

To ensure you prune or trim the cannabis plants in the right way, without causing any harm to the plant or its branches; using the right apparatus is necessary. You should make use of the below-listed ingredients in this regard.

  • Sharp scissors or knives – There are many types of scissors and knives that can be used to trim weed plant leaves and dry branches. However, you may use Fiskars shears. They can be found in Amazon and similar websites.
  • Big pruning scissors – These are required for cutting dried thick plant branches.
  • Disposable rubber gloves – The rubber gloves will safeguard your hands when you cut down the branches and leaves of the weed plants.
  • Trays or bags – The trays or bags can be required to hold the newly trimmed buds. You may also use Baking sheets or non-absorbent flat surface.

When you Should Begin Trimming Cannabis

Ideally, you can begin trimming the cannabis plants as they take bushy shape. From this stage, you can keep on trimming or pruning until the plants reach the stage of flowering. However, once flowering starts, trimming should be done cautiously. This is applicable for all strains, more or less.

Things to Look for When you are Trimming Weed Plants

There are a few things you have to think of when trimming the weed plant. Quality cannabis grows when the plants get sunlight and airflow in abundance.

  • Remove the low-down branches that do not get enough sunlight.
  • Remove the leaves that are half or fully dried.

In the beginning, you have to remove the larger sized branches of the plants. This helps the plants get more sunlight. Then you have to remove the dried-out leaves or branches. You may also trim slowly, avoiding trimming all sections at the same time. This will be better for the plants too.

After the trimming, the weed plants need some days to recover and resumption of growth. However, after that period the growth will get a boost. You will find new branches on the plants and leaves will grow fast.

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