Top Five Cannabis Strains for Treating Depression


According to the Mental Health America report, depression is on the list of the most common mental illnesses in Americans. MHA found that this illness affects around sixteen million people per year.

Everyone, who tried to treat depression by using a cannabis strain, knows that is a quite tricky process because weed can give both negative and positive effects; and can act as a depressant and stimulant depending on the type of strain and methods of consumption.

The benefit of using cannabis strains is that you do not have to wait a big amount of time (compared with using antidepressants) to find out that it is a good fit for you.

Here are the top five strains that can help you:

Blue Dream Cannabis Strain

The popular Sativa dominant hybrid is a good choice for everyone who suffers from depression. This cannabis strain with high THC levels (arout twenty-one percent) is known for its positive uplifted, euphoric, happy and creative effects.

The herb can reduce your stress and uplift your mood, but consume it carefully with a small dosage.

Pineapple Express Cannabis Strain

Long last energetic high is the benefit of this Sativa dominant cannabis strain. The herb is recommended for morning and daytime use in moderate doses (THC level up to twenty percent). This strain with a pineapple flavor can uplift your mood, give you plenty of energy, and make you happy.

Northern Lights Cannabis Strain

The world famous indica-dominant strain is one of the best depressants for evening and nighttime use. The herb promotes a nice sleepy and euphoric relaxation.

 Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

The high CBD strain is the best choice for uplifting your mood without getting “high”. It reduces different types of pain and promotes full body relaxation.

Harlequin Cannabis Strain

Harlequin is a good Sativa dominant strain for daytime use that helps medical patients to be more focused, relaxed and happy. It can relieve different types of pain and reduce stress and depression.

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