Three Medical Marijuana Strains to Manage Chronic Pain


Manage Chronic Pain

Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaw Companies Limited have applied for a license to sell medical marijuana (with shoppers, which is owned by Loblaws, receiving it). These two companies even offer employee coverage for marijuana. However, pharmaceuticals have a different understanding what medical marijuana should be used for. Loblaw and Shoppers offer cannabis for treating neuropathic pain that is associated with nausea, multiple sclerosis, and vomiting after chemotherapy.

Here is a short list of medical marijuana strains that can be used in reducing chronic pain.

ACDC Cannabis Strain

Patients with severe pain should take into account that medical marijuana hybrids that have a high level of CBD and THC are the most effective in pain management. The reason for that is that THC acts as a perfect blocker of pain signals that come from the human brain. CBD affects those signals indirectly, preventing musculoskeletal pain. ACDC is a perfect medical marijuana strain that easily fights epilepsy, chemotherapy aftereffects, and multiple sclerosis. THC to CBD ratio is 1:20 that means the strain provides a peaceful mood too.

Harlequin Cannabis Strain

This is a strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2, and manages a number of medical conditions that cause inflammation and stress at the same time. Take into consideration that Harlequin cannabis strain will never make you sleepy, so you can use it during the daytime with no fears. You can also use it for managing migraines.

Cannatonic Cannabis Strain

Cannatonic cannabis strain is a cross of two indica-dominant strains, and this is what makes it full of beneficial properties. It helps to manage muscle spasms, pain from migraines and anxiety.

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