This Is How Cannabis Oil Helps with Suppressing Epileptic Seizures


Majority of people suffering from epilepsy complain that most drugs do not work well with their condition. There are a number of hard to treat epilepsies which have been associated with the risk of premature death. Research has shown that cannabis oil can help a lot of people control their seizures and also save their lives. When cannabis oil is added to the ongoing medication, it could show effective results amongst children and adolescents.

There are two main components in cannabis oil and these include THC and CBD. There is evidence in the clinical trials that CBD is ideal for a number of epilepsies like Dravet Syndrome as well as Lennox Gastaut syndrome. CBD helps in the treatment of epilepsies and the cannabis oil contains varying amounts of CBD that can be purchased across pharmacies. THC also helps reduce seizures and has been shown to be slightly less effective than CBD. Cannabis oil is basically an extract of the cannabis plant which contains CBD.

The drug works wonders on many other conditions as well. It includes their use for the purpose of addressing pain as well as muscle spasms in people who have multiple sclerosis. CBD also helps in the reduction of anxiety and tackling psychosis as well as addiction. THC helps in the reduction of nausea and stimulation of the appetite in cases of HIV and cancer.

Relaxation achieved with regards to medicinal cannabis can be of a huge benefit to those patients who are constantly stressed out by the difficulties of life. It is a big step forward that the government has considered reviewing the use of medicinal cannabis. Patients who take about 10 mg daily dose of cannabidiol may experience a huge reduction in seizures as compared to those patients who take 20 mg. Minimal side effects are also reported, however keep in mind that all strains are different. If you have epilepsy, consult with your local registered doctor. Epidiolex is a cannabidiol which has shown to be useful to treat two of the rarest forms of epilepsy: Dravet Syndrome and the Gastaut syndrome.

CBD oil is considered as the cure to all types of treatments, including epilepsy; and it is the only syndrome which has gained strong scientific evidence to back up the use of medicinal cannabis as treatment. A study compared two different doses of Epidiolex against an active placebo. It was noted that patients who took 20 mg of Epidiolex in a day had about 42 percent fewer seizures, and those who took 10 mg of the drug had about 37 percent fewer seizures. There was also a 17 percent reduction in the placebo group.

The Gastaut syndrome is not easy to treat and a lot of people have a poor outlook despite treatment methods. A lot of children have developmental delays and seizures are also very common. A trial showed that cannabidiol helped reduce seizures but there is a still a question whether it is a safe and feasible treatment. The drug might come with a number of side effects but it does make a significant difference to the trouble caused by seizures.

Cannabis oil can be used with the prescribed medication for a long period of time and it is said to show results.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the results will not be seen overnight and it is important to continue the prescribed dosage in order to ensure that cannabis oil works. THC also has certain side effects which include the high associated with its use.

In case Epidiolex is approved, it will have to be monitored in a number of patients so as to ensure that it is safe as well as effective in every manner possible. When it comes to cannabis-based products, it is important to consider the safety as well as effectiveness. If you are using it for the first time, you need to begin with very small dosages so as to avoid any side effects. For any patient, it is important to understand the symptoms and the severity of epilepsy before cannabis oil is recommended for regular use.

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