Study Finds Consumers of CBD-Rich Cannabis Extracts “Generally Tested Negative for THC in Hair”


According to a new study being published in the journal Forensic Science International, and epublished ahead of print by the National Institute of Health, even after repeated consumption of CBD-rich cannabis extracts consumers “generally tested negative for THC in hair”.

Consume CBD extracts? You probably won’t fail a hair test, according to a new study,

“Medical cannabis is becoming increasingly popular for many different ailments and improvement of general well-being”, begins the study’s abstract. “Particularly CBD-rich extracts are easily available via online pharmacies, health stores or directly from producers. However, almost all of the extracts contain small amounts of THC. In our study, we investigated THC, CBN and CBD in hair samples from regular CBD rich cannabis users. ”

The goals of the study “were to determine levels of the cannabinoids in hair and to evaluate a possible correlation between regular CBD intake and CBD levels in hair.” All participants consumed cannabis extracts from the same producer, which “contained CBD at different concentrations and small amounts of THC with a CBD/THC concentration ratio of 30”.

The self-declared CBD dosage ranged from 4 to 128mg CBD/day, corresponding to a daily THC intake of 0.1 to 4.3mg. After extraction and derivatization, hair samples were analysed using a validated GC/MS-MS method. “CBD concentrations ranged from 10 to 325pg/mg of hair, but no significant correlation was observed between CBD concentrations and the daily dose”, states the study. “THC was detected in one sample only at a concentration below our cut-off, whereas CBN was not detected.”

Researchers conclude; “In this study, we showed that even after repeated consumption of CBD-rich cannabis extracts in medium to high doses, consumers are generally tested negative for THC in hair.”

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