Simple and Healthy Way to Get High

There was a time when cannabis was considered as an illegal drug, consuming which brought innumerable ill effects on people. However now, cannabis has been made legal in many states of the USA. As a result, various kinds of cannabis products are being brought into the market almost every day. You must try and understand that the cannabis products you are consuming or vaping are completely safe and you are getting high in the right manner.There are different forms in which cannabis consumption takes place. Some of the most common options in this regard are in the form of edibles, dabs, shatter and even vaping. Choose any form of cannabis consumption, which gives you the high quickly, which is easy on the lungs and the effects of which last for a long time. Mentioned below are some somewhat healthy and simple ways of getting high:


It is quite difficult to discriminate a smoker from a person who is vaping. Both the processes of smoking and vaping look similar, but the effects of vaping hit a person quite quickly within just a few minutes. Also, the results from vaping remain for about 1-3 hours. Interesting results have been revealed about vaping though by renowned researchers. People who are in the habit of vaping tend to develop fewer respiratory irritations than people who smoke. Chances of passive smoking are also negligible when it comes to vaping.

There are different ways in which vaping can be done. While some people use a portable vaporizer, some of them prefer the larger tabletop model. The cannabis needs to be heated in a kind of chamber where the oils, hash and ground herbs will be placed. In some of the arrangements, the heat settings can be adjusted. Different highs are enjoyed at different temperatures. The idea is activating the cannabinoids with the heat. When the weed reaches a certain temperature, the oils turn to vapor and this non-smoky vapor is inhaled. It is a mist more than smoke and thus there are no ashy irritants.


Many people who aim to get the medicinal benefits of marijuana can try the edibles option. This is a fun and popular alternative without the smoke. However, in this mode you have to wait for quite some time for the effects to kick in – the time span can be from 30 minutes to an hour. In case you don’t feel high in a short while, have patience as the effects are slow but sure.

Though it takes time to kick, the effects of the edibles last much longer when compared to other modes of taking cannabis. The effects last from 6-8 hours. Consuming the edibles helps you in sleeping better, reduces chronic pain and also minimizes inflammation in the body. Since the effects are long-lasting, it is important to know the right amount of consumption. The effect of cannabis varies from one person to another.

Drops and Tinctures

If you are looking for smoke-free alternatives for consuming cannabis, you can definitely try cannabis drops and tinctures. Tinctures are suspended in some alcohol and don’t have the weird and strange taste of cannabis oil when it is put under the tongue. If you need quick relief from any kind of acute pain, this method works best. The THC is absorbed into the bloodstream within a few minutes and the results are seen immediately. No second-hand smoke and no lung damage with this method of cannabis consumption.


Nicotine patches are quite common and popular. And cannabis patches also run on the same concept. It is true that this process will not hit the system as promptly as inhaling weeds or like drops and tinctures, but the effects of the patches remain for a considerable period of time of say up to 12 hours. Transdermal patches are the most suitable and convenient and one can continue work after the dosage as well. Negative effects of smoking are absent in this mode as the cannabis gets absorbed in the body through the skin.

If you are new to the world of cannabis consumption, it is recommended to go slow and try the various modes to go high. It will become easy for you to understand which mode gives you maximum effects.

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