Sativa or Indica: Which Cannabis Strain is Ideal for You?


The legalization of Cannabis has changed the very face of the Cannabis market once and for all. The market is getting flooded with a wide range of cannabis products and therefore, it is easy to find yourself lost. With so much going on in the cannabis industry, some people tend to make the situation even murkier by making passing statements like: “Sativas are better than Indicas” or “Sativa has more THC than Indica“. Some people even go one step further by making unsubstantiated statements like: “Indica is more effective than Sativa“. Not much can be said about the authenticity of these statements without taking into account the expert’s views.

Physically these two Cannabis strains differ in shape and appearance. The physical features of Sativa and Indica strains are:

  • Sativa plant is a bit larger than the Indica
  • Sativa has narrower leaves whereas the leaves of Indica are broader.
  • Sativa plant has long flowering cycles while the flowering cycle of Indica is on the shorter side.
  • Sativa grows better in long warm climates while Indica needs short seasoned cooler climate.
  • Sativa buds are closely knitted and dense while India has fluffy and airy spears.

Most cannabis researchers and neurologists believe that the physical features of different cannabis strains have literally no effect on the quality of the cannabis products prepared from them. It does not matter how broad the leaflets are or how long the plant is because these physical characteristics have zero impact on the efficacies of the cannabis chemovar. The chemical profiles of both these strains are by and large the same and it is these chemical compounds that control and contribute to the experience of the cannabis strain.

Choosing the Right Strain

Even long term cannabis users tend to get confused when they are asked to differentiate between Indica and Sativa. You may not believe but a good number of budtenders also tend to ask people what kind of cannabis plant they are looking for to purchase as if they are there to buy cannabis plants and not some specific cannabis products.

Most people tend to believe that Sativa cannabis strains are ideal for social gathering or fitness purposes as these strains are energetic in nature and are known for directly impacting the cerebral part of the brain. Whereas people who are trying to get a good night’s sleep, increase their appetite, relax or chill out, Indica is the go-to strain.

However, these are just market perceptions and if truth be told, there is very little evidence available to back up these claims. None of these cannabis strains have any special chemical composition that can cause uplifting or sedating effects.

Now, the thing is, not all Sativa strains are going to give you the quick burst of energy; similarly not all Indica strains are going to make you feel calm and relaxed. It does not matter whether a strain is Indica dominated or Sativa dominated, has its unique set of properties. Therefore, you simply can’t expect the same effects or medicinal benefits from it.

We can understand that this may sound confusing but the fact is, it is not the chemical compositions of a cannabis strain which is solely responsible for the effects that people feel. Several other factors also play a crucial role in this regard. For example, the tolerance level of the consumer, the method of consumption, the chemical profile of the plant and the genetic makeup of the consumer also play a pivotal role here.

By having a better understanding of the terpenes and cannabinoids, one can make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best cannabis strain to achieve desired effects. The rule of thumb is to take your time when you are planning to purchase a cannabis product and don’t think twice to ask questions. Ask the budtender in case of any confusion and make sure you are writing down your experiences with each variety of cannabis strain so that you can make better decision next time.

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