Making quality cannabis oil requires the right equipment. These are the best cannabis extraction machines on the market.

Looking for an easy way to turn your weed into oil? The best cannabis extraction machines make potent, safe to consume cannabis oil. You can extract oils from cannabis in several ways but they all depend on your machinery. There is equipment to make cannabis-infused cooking oil or potent extracts. Take a look at the best cannabis extraction machines on the market before making your purchase.

PX1 (Butane/Propane)

10 Best Cannabis Extraction Machines On The Market

If you’ve got a garage-sized space to work inside of we recommend the PX1 Extractor.

The Price

Contact Precision Extraction Solutions.

The Good

The PX1 gets everything done in one place. Hydrocarbon (butane/propane) is used as a solvent and extracted all in the same device. The final product should be a high-grade golden extract.

The Bad

You’ll need more than a closet sized space to store the PX1.

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