Mothers Are Treating Sick Children With Cannabis Oil – And It Works


Ana Alvarez has turned her Lima flat into a cannabis laboratory – and prescribes weed extracts for conditions from cancer to multiple sclerosis.

Campaigners in the UK have also used cannabis extracts to treat ill children – sometimes with miraculous results.

Alvarez’s son Anthony, 17, suffered from a rare form of epilepsy, and was taking 17 pharmaceutical drugs – but still had up to eight fits per day.

Alvarez says, ‘After three days of taking marijuana oil, Anthony started to reconnect with life, he began to socialise, he began to sleep, he began to eat, and little by little he started to recover.

‘The change after three days was something extraordinary and from that moment my fight began.

‘We know this is not a cure but it gives our children quality of life. We want it to be available to other children with the same condition.’

Her organisation, Buscado Esperanza, now has more than 200 members.

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