Marijuana Vaporizers: A Beginner’s Guide


Vaporizing is a safe and healthy alternative to smoking cannabis.

Vaporizing (or “vaping”) has been getting a lot of attention lately as a safer way of consuming nicotine than smoking cigarettes.

The e-cigarette has become more popular than ever in recent years, and it seems like vape shops are popping up on every corner.

While marijuana vaporizers are different than e-cigarettes, the principle is the same. Vaporizers can be used to deliver THC from marijuana in a way that avoids the health drawbacks of smoking.

Many people still choose to smoke marijuana, but studies show that vaporizing can be safer and more effective in the long run.

What are vaporizers? How do they work?

Vaporizers are devices that heat marijuana to the point where its active ingredients are released in a gas that can be inhaled, while avoiding combustion (burning) and the production of smoke.

Combustion and smoke normally occur at above 230°C (446°F), while vaporizers operate at a lower temperature range.

The vapor or gas produced by a marijuana vaporizer consists mainly of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes.

THC is the main active ingredient in marijuana responsible for the high. Terpenes are fragrant compounds that give marijuana its particular flavor and scent.

When you vaporize marijuana, these compounds get mixed together, resulting in a flavourful, potent hit.

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