How To Make Cannabis Sugar


If you plan to stay medicated throughout the day, or you want to enjoy the mild buzz of cannabis without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself, then cannabis sugar is the perfect infused recipe for you. Ready in less than an hour, canna-sugar can be stored for weeks and used when you need it most.

Cannabis sugar is a triple threat in the diverse world of cannabis-infused food products. Simple to make, highly practical and psychoactive, marijuana-infused sugar can be incorporated into cakes, tea and coffee, cereal or as a delicious topping for pancakes.


Many of you won’t need convincing that the pairing of cannabis and sugar is both a delicious and ingenious idea. Aside from the slight impact to your teeth, canna-sugar represents a versatile way to stay medicated throughout the day without drawing any unwanted attention. Once made, all users need to do is supplement their regular dose of sugar with their cannabis-infused creation.

If the idea already has you reaching for the cooking utensils, below we cover off not only the benefits but a step by step recipe guide with everything you need to know about making cannabis sugar in the comfort of your own kitchen.


Discretion is a vital attribute of any good cannabis-infused food product. By combining marijuana with sugar, you can create one of the stealthiest medicating options available. There will be no indication that your homemade sugar has any additional ingredients, so for those that want help managing pain or tackling anxiety, the sugar can be added to hot drinks throughout the day. No one else need know, while you gain all of the advantages.

Staying productive, and on task, is usually a primary concern for medicinal users of cannabis. While some strains cater to this needs more than others, experiencing intense euphoria during a business meeting is not always appropriate. Cannabis sugar enables you to microdose throughout the day, that way you will gain all the benefits cannabis provides but without being so high your business presentation has you bursting into fits of giggles.

Finally, sugar just like all the other cannabis edibles available means no smoking! If smoking is not appropriate or you have been put off doing so, cannabis sugar is easy and appealing to eat. What’s more, it can be stored and kept for several weeks without any degradation, just make sure it is stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place.

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