Indica vs. Sativa Difference in Marijuana Edibles


You have already heard about Indica-Sativa difference: Indica strains are more relaxing and are perfect for pain relief while Sativa strains make you more energized and concentrated.

Weed shop workers often claim that this difference cannot be simply psychosomatic because many customers confirm feeling different effects from Indica and Sativa edibles. 

Yet I always wanted to know whether edibles made of different types of strains preserve this Indica-Sativa difference.

The problem is that no one can really determine why the opposition between Indica and Sativa appears in the first place. The experts from Seattle online weed shop, Spot, claim that preservation of Indica-Sativa difference is possible in edibles.

As the majority of edibles are produced after infusion of oil or butter (which are sometimes called cannaoil and cannabutter) it is crucial to prepare these two products perfectly .

If edibles are made after thorough procession of weed and with the help of delicate cooking (when the temperature doesn`t ruin chemical components of the plant, for instance), it is possible to deliver good Indica vs. Sativa edibles to weed dispensaries.

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