How Cannabis Can Help You Deal with Menopause


Menopause is a very painful stage in a woman’s life. Pain in the abdomen, mood swings, insomnia, and restlessness are some of the symptoms associated with menopause. Though there are many medicines available to fight these unpleasant symptoms of menopause, none of them are completely free from harmful side effects.

However, cannabis may have the answer to the problems associated with menopause. In order to understand the effectiveness of cannabis on menopause, we have to understand the phenomenon first.


The menstrual cycle is a crucial part of a woman’s reproductive system. When this menstrual cycle comes to an end, it is known as menopause. It usually happens between 40 and 50 years of age and lasts for about a year or so. Menopause can be categorized in three stages as follows.

1. Perimenopause

This is the first stage when the body of the woman start showing some subtle changes. In this stage, the production of estrogen in women’s body decreases.

2. Menopause

During this period, the ovulation in women stops completely. The estrogen levels also drop drastically during this period and it lasts for about a year.

3. Post-Menopause

This is the beginning of a new homeostasis stage in a woman. During this phase, the menopause is over and its symptoms gradually subside during the period.

Impact of Cannabinoid on Menopause

Cannabis can be of immense help during menopause. The endocannabinoid system of a woman’s body may interact with the cannabinoids present in cannabis in a variety of ways. Usually, the THC and CBD interact with cell receptors and forms a bond. This bonding may help in curbing the symptoms related to menopause. The truth is that menopause cannot be avoided but at least we can try to lessen its unpleasant symptoms with the help of cannabis.

The human body is also endowed with some natural cannabinoids that interact with cell receptors. This is the reason why estrogen along with endocannabinoids can regulate mood swings. Hence, a good mood can symbolize higher endocannabinoid level and vice versa.

Maintaining homeostasis in the human body is the primary job of the cell receptors which are all a part of the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis molecules can create and bind these endocannabinoid receptors, they can emulate and stimulate a number of symptoms and effects.

However, the endocannabinoid system is not exclusive to cannabis, the human body is also capable of interacting with the body’s natural cannabinoids aka endocannabinoids. Some research suggests that the endocannabinoid deficiencies in human bodies forebode the onset of menopause; however empirical evidence is still missing as of now. It looks like estrogen makes good use of endocannabinoids to fight off some common symptoms of menopause like – mood swing and stress.

Effects of Cannabis on Menopause Symptoms.


The night sweats during menopause can make sleeping difficult. A small dose of THC can help in getting a good night’s sleep. The sleep is achieved by influencing the temperature controlling cannabinoid present in the human body. Also, this cannabis-based treatment has absolutely no side-effect. Any strain with relaxing attributes can also be suitable for this purpose.

Hot Flashes

The body temperature during menopause fluctuates a lot. Anandamide is a natural cannabinoid present in the human body that provides a ‘runner’s high’ feeling or sensation. This cannabinoid is also responsible for regulating body temperature. The chemical composition of Anandamide is very much similar to that of THC, so any deficiency of anandamide can be compensated by administering THC, and thus the hot flashes can be controlled.

According to some research, a higher dose of THC can lower body temperature as it has a cooling effect but at the same time, if the dose of THC is very small, it can also increase the body temperature! Hence, its usage calls for a careful dose selection. A cannabis-based treatment under the method is also free from any side-effect.

Excruciating Pain

During menopause, a lot of hormonal imbalances may take place and the result can be manifested through a variety of painful side effects. A woman can experience abdominal pain, migraines, or intercourse-related difficulties. It can really make your life miserable. Cannabis is a natural pain killer and can help in providing instant and long-lasting relief from such. What’s more, unlike other pain killers, it is non-addictive and has no known side-effects.

Mood Swing

Mood and emotional state of a human being are directly linked with how the endocannabinoids that are present in the human body are getting utilized by the estrogen.

If the estrogen level drops considerably, it can lead to depression but it can be controlled effectively by using Cannabis. Various CBD and THC-rich cannabis strains available in the market that can interact easily with the endocannabinoid system and thus can help in stabilizing mood swings and emotions.

Low Libido

The sex drive of a woman is also greatly affected during menopause. During menopause, even the vagina goes dry and so it can be very difficult to enjoy sex. According to some studies, cannabis can really be helpful in this type of situation, by boosting the sex drive. THC is a known sex booster but it needs to be administered in the right dosage to get the desired results. It is again free from any side-effect and is non-addictive.

So, we can see that Cannabinoids are a natural and non-addictive remedy to many problems that are faced by the majority of women during menopause.

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