How To Get Rid Of The Cannabis Red Eye?

It’s one of the most conspicuous telltale signs of cannabis intoxication. Even if you can hold your tongue and control your motor functions, your eyes will betray you. The redness of the sclera (the scientific name for the white of the eye) is a common, albeit harmless, side effect of cannabis consumption. And it’s not because all the vivid magical colors you see while under the influence are tinting your eyes. Nor is it caused by the smoke of the joint or the bong as is commonly believed. The reasons are a little more complicated than that and we’ll get to them shortly. But first, we need to stress out that this syndrome doesn’t pose any risk on your eyes. So if you’re new to marijuana, welcome and don’t worry about the colors. Also if you happen to run across the unicorn grazing peacefully in the green green meadow, don’t startle it

The Red Eye Syndrome

Whether you eat an edible, vape or smoke a pot joint you get the red eye side effect. So why some people attribute it to smoke getting into one’s eye defies logic. People have been smoking tobacco for ages and dying because of it, but their eyes never got red. Their teeth turned brown and their breath stank, but their eyes remained crystal clear. So it must have to do with cannabis itself. To be more accurate, it’s the THC itself. Not only does THC get one high, it also lowers our blood pressure. This results in expanded blood vessels including the ocular capillaries in the eye. As the vessels expand they tend to swell with more blood on the surface of the sclera giving it the unmistakable red tint that we all have come to associate with the green herb. But that’s not all. By lowering the blood pressure, THC also lowers the intraocular pressure inside the eye which protects it from glaucoma. So while the red eyes aren’t pleasant to flash around, it actually means THC is helping you fight glaucoma and protecting your vision. You’re welcome.

Red, Pink, or Just Rosy?

Here’s the thing, the red eye syndrome hits some people harder than others. It’s not the strain or the bong. It’s more personal than that. Your age, gender, genes, and how often you use the magic herb. And of course your blood pressure. Since it’s expanding blood vessels that cause the redness, if you have high blood pressure, then the THC you consume won’t have much effect which means your eyes will barely get a hint of redness. This is another sign that red eyes mean you have normal blood pressure. This thing is turning into a blessing in disguise after all.

Get rid of it

Even if your red eyes mean you’re in good health and that THC is helping you fight glaucoma, it can still be an embarrassment if you find yourself mixing with the wrong people. Let’s face it, the last thing you’d want your boss to notice about you is your pink eyes and rubbery knees. So head over to the nearest drugstore and get any over-the-counter eye drops. They all treat allergies and eye redness. Usually by countering the dilation of the blood vessels and bringing them back to normal size. You could also have coffee, chocolate, liquorice, or sodium to get the same effect. But not water though. That has no effect at all on your eyes. So don’t listen to your know-it-all friend who tells you to just drink some water and it will be fine. Just tell him it’s not dehydration but dilated blood vessels.

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