Five Ways of Treating Chronic Pain Using Cannabis

Each day we look for new medicinal benefits that we can derive from marijuana. With more countries, allowing medicinal use of cannabis, research studies are focusing on coming up with cannabis strains that will help in dealing with some of the widespread diseases in the world. Among all the ailments that marijuana is documented to treat, pain is the most common ailment on the list. Out of 93,095 patients that were active in the survey done in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry, a total of 86,317 pointed out severe pain as the main qualifying condition. This data was collected by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The downside about this is that almost all of the most effective remedies of marijuana that you can use in cases of extreme pain are not available in any recreational facilities in Colorado. One of the main reasons for this is due to the very high maintenance costs of the drug. In fact, you will realize that current regulations don’t even allow other marijuana remedies to get sold commercially. However, there are still some other options that you can look into in case you are trying to combat pain. Below are some of these options that you may want to consider.


FECO, also Full extract cannabis oil, is typically one the most effective concentrates of medical marijuana for numerous afflictions. Both extractors and patients alike have claimed the drug has the potential to treat and, in some cases, even cure some types of cancer, some forms of diabetes, some terminal illnesses as well too. And it does all this while alleviating you from all the discomfort that is associated with the chemotherapy process and even cerebral palsy. You get the idea here, all and any condition that you may know that can cause you a lot of pain.

FECO isn’t made to be smoked or vaporized. In fact, this type of drug is consumed orally. You take a dose the size of a grain through a syringe or even a pre-filled capsule.


In most instances, cannabis topicals are balms, lotions, and even salves that when infused with cannabinoids, you can use to treat extreme pain, skin disorders, and inflammation. You can find cannabis topicals in virtually every dispensary you can find in Colorado. You can also find home-made ingredients bought from the store and THC or CBD extracts. Sometimes even both. Topicals are usually very effective with joint and muscle pains since they are applied on the surface of the skin. Another good news about topicals is that they do not enter the bloodstream at all. You do not need to get worried that you might end up failing your drug test when you apply the drug or even get high if you use it.

CBD Isolate

Thanks to the powdery, and crystallized forms of drugs nowadays, CBD isolate can very well be among the most visually striking concentrates of cannabis. Far from being a hard drug, you can buy it online or at herbal supplement stores, or even at certain head shops around your area without having to visit a dispensary.


Cannabis sublingual does not cause any harm to your lungs when you smoke or vaporize it. The difference between cannabis sublingual from other kinds of cannabis is the very short time it needs before it gets to kick into your system once you have inhaled it. The drug takes somewhere between thirty seconds to two minutes before it gets into your bloodstream and you begin to feel its effects on your body. These types of cannabis drugs do not last long either after intake and thus need to be taken more frequently.


These are essentially one of the most effective cannabis medication forms we have today. You can usually get them at dispensaries. Some of the common types of extracts that are used in preparing cannabis suppositories are  Rick Simpson, FICO oil, as well as other medical-related concentrates.

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