This Entrepreneur is Brewing an Alternative to Beer with Marijuana


Most of us love consuming beer, often without considering the risks involved. Alcohol, however, is strongly linked to a number of deadly chronic diseases. Ironically enough, widely controlled marijuana is shown to be less risky than alcohol. One entrepreneur based in Canada wants to make beer less dangerous for consumption with—surprise—marijuana.

Could Cannabis Beer Change the World?

Marijuana beer is recently emerging as a fad among the craft beer community. As marijuana laws are relaxed gradually in Canada and the US, beverage companies are jumping on the “hemp infused” bandwagon. Corona recently announced the creation of a beer infused with marijuana. But cannabis-infused beer is not what Dooma Wendschuh—ex-CEO of Sekretagent Productions, a video game producer best known for partially developing the Assassin’s Creed franchise— has in mind when it comes to cannabis beer. Wendschuh wants to do something the world has never seen before and brew beer from cannabis plants.

The company Wendschuh founded, Province Brands, is completely devoted to making this truly unique product. If Wendschuh is successful, he would have produced the world’s first alcohol-free beer. The idea of cannabis beer is not to produce a beverage that is just like beer but made with marijuana. Province Brands cannabis beer would taste just as great as malt beer, but would not incur the same health risks as alcohol.

A Possibly Excellent Alternative to Alcohol

Province promises an alternative to alcohol that is much healthier. Wendschuh advocates for cannabis-derived products that are far healthier and much safer to consume than products containing alcohol or tobacco. He hopes the stimulant effect would be even less harmful than caffeine and certainly not anything like what dangerous, illegal psychoactive drugs offer.

When fully developed, Province’s cannabis beer would not be as addictive as alcohol. It would not impair brain function, such as the ability to think clearly. Cannabis beer would most likely not be linked to chronic diseases like liver disease and heart disease. It could possibly be used as a viable alternative to alcohol, especially by those who want to quit alcohol for good. Along with the amazing health benefits, cannabis beer would be just as fun as alcohol to consume in various social settings.

A Better Option All Around

Wendschuh’s vision for cannabis beer far exceeds immediate benefits to consumers. Province is brewing cannabis beer from discarded parts of the marijuana plants. Weed companies only use leaves of the plant and get rid of the stem, roots, and the stalk. This is a major problem for most companies because of legal issues related to discarded marijuana plant parts. Burning is prohibited because of THC smoke issues. Province, instead, solves the waste problem by using these parts for brewing beer.

Even other alcohol giants are showing positive attitudes toward cannabis beer. Wendschuh has said that major labels are seeing cannabis beer as an inevitability. His company has been exchanging notes with some major alcohol companies as big alcohol brands are considering rolling out marijuana versions of their beers. New research is showing just how dangerous alcohol can be. Big Alcohol could be risking the same fate of Big Tobacco without making fundamental changes to their product. Perhaps marijuana is the answer. At least, that’s what Wendschuh hopes to prove.

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