Does Cannabis Really Help Women Achieve Orgasms Easily?


Marijuana can help heal many physical conditions and it has been used since ages by people for medicinal purposes – the legal hurdles notwithstanding. However, proponents have also claimed that consuming weed can enhance sexual performance. A recent study now corroborates this claim and it shows that having cannabis can actually help women in reaching orgasms easily. This study analyzed reports obtained from hundreds of women; involving those who use cannabis and those who do not.

The study was carried out by Louis University School of Medicine’s Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women’s Health. The study findings were published in Science Direct. The authors concluded that Marijuana improves satisfaction in getting orgasm. However, the functioning of the endocannabinoid system in women remains less understood.

The study findings reveal women taking cannabis before having sex find it easier to reach orgasm, and they also experience a boost in libido after using weed in any form.

However, Scientists are still not sure why using weed increases orgasm satisfaction. A section of them think it happens because the weed strains help in reducing stress and anxiety levels. So, it may actually prolong the feelings and pleasure. It may also lower sexual inhibitions and boost the level of confidence. These are after all logical, psychological deductions.

The study covered survey responses obtained from 373 women. Among them, almost 47 percent were marijuana smokers and 37 percent used it before getting sexually intimate with their partners. The study also used a Sexual Health Survey which covered a variety of topics like lubrication, sex drive, and sex-related pain. They also embedded deeper questions on weed into the questionnaire in order to limit bias of any kind

When they reviewed the data, the researchers found major differences in reported sexual experiences of the participants; based on marijuana usage and lack of it. Most women reported a boost in sex drive and orgasms. They also reported a decrease in pain. Almost 68.5 percent of participants using weed reported more pleasurable sexual experience, 60.6 percent said that they got an increase in sex drive while 52.8 percent reported a boost in satisfying orgasms. This led the team to conclude that marijuana boosts satisfaction when it comes to orgasms.

The study found that women using marijuana prior to sex, and those women who are regular users of weed, are over twice likely to feel satisfactory orgasms than those who don’t use weed. The study findings corroborate findings of previous studies on the impact of weed on the sexual performance of women, said the team.

While the study findings do look encouraging for supporters of weed, a few things have to be analyzed carefully! These self-reported studies often suffer from the accuracy of data. Respondents may not always be accurate about the information that they share. The study was not carried out on a very large group of users and the women were heterosexual and so thinking of its finding as conclusive evidence may not be prudent. More intensive studies covering participants from all ethnicities and diverse age groups should be conducted.

The study may not be very big but its findings cannot be undermined. The authors pointed out that the study findings were in line with a paper published in 2018 in Psychology and Sexuality. In that study, 53 percent of adult marijuana users reported a boost in sexual enjoyment while 44.9 percent reported increased orgasm intensity. Over 38 percent of the participants in that study were women. Earlier in 2017, the researchers from Stanford University reported a boost in sexual frequency with marijuana use for both genders. That study involved a huge number of users.

There is no denying the reality that sexual health in women is a topic that is largely kept under the wraps. Fewer studies have been carried out on topics related to womens sexuality and sexual nuances compared to their male counterparts-worldwide. This perception needs to change and more intensive studies on womens sexual health and related issues need to be conducted.

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