Debunking Myths Associated With Growing Cannabis


Many cannabis growers in the world have fallen prey to many myths which have ended up affecting their projects of growing cannabis. In this article, we want to look at some of these common myths and give you the actual facts related to these misconceptions.

Marijuana Myths

1. The number of leaf points can be used to determine the gender of the cannabis plant

Within the first 4 to 6 weeks of growth of the marijuana plant, you can be able to tell the gender of the plant. During these first few weeks, the plant is able to grow preflowers. The males have miniature banana like flowers with beads underneath while the females have white tendrils that are delicate. It’s therefore impossible to use the leaf points of the plant in determining the gender of the plant.

2. Failure to flush your marijuana plant before harvesting the buds leads to a harsh chemical taste in the buds

Whether you decide to flush or not, that is totally upon you. Cannabis plants are known to need fewer nutrients when they close to the final stage of the flowering, and hence flushing will reduce the number of nutrients found in the soil/ medium. Overfeeding of the cannabis plant with nutrients will make the leaves to be crispy, brittle and/ or burnt. If you are growing your plants in soil then flushing might not be necessary while in a hydro set up be careful not to starve your plants. The best trick if you want to improve the taste of your buds when growing them is making sure that your plants are properly cured.

3. Growing cannabis is very expensive

Well, many people assume that growing cannabis is very expensive, just like growing any other cash crop.  The expenses of growing cannabis can be reduced by keeping the whole growing process simple. You need to have a good growth plan and this doesn’t mean hiring or buying expensive growing equipment. There are people who grow weed in their back yards and at a very minimal cost. When you plan on growing cannabis, what is your objective, do you want large scale production or a small scale? Do you plan on using it for personal consumption or for selling?

4. If you want high potency you should go for the good genetics

The potency of your plant is determined by many factors and not just genetics. The other thing to take into consideration is the number of cannabis strains that are available in the market. These strains have different levels of THC concentrations. If you want to get the highest potency you will need good genetics, but then after that, you will need to dedicate your time to practicing the best basic growing techniques. The main thing to always have in mind is making sure your plants are always healthy, this is because healthy plants have higher potency.

5. The dark circle on your cannabis plant has to be pitch black

The one mistake unexperienced cannabis growers make is forgetting that cannabis is one of the toughest plants when it comes to booting.  Studies have shown that plants do respond to the light from the moon. In the flowering stage it is required that your plants are exposed to 12 hours of darkness, however exposing your plant to the same intensity of moonlight will stimulate the flowering stage. Make sure the room is very dark at night but then you can allow a window or two open for some moonlight.

6. Feeding nitrogen to your plants when they are flowering will affect the flavor of the buds

When growing cannabis you will realize that one of the important nutrients needed during the whole growth process is nitrogen. However, you might make the mistake of overfeeding your plant with cannabis. In order to avoid making this grave mistake, make sure you use pure water when watering your plants. If you are using the hydroponic option to grow your plants make sure you follow the guideline which will help you in adjusting the nutrients levels of your plant.

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