Cognitive Aging in Mice Reversed by THC


Cannabis is already known for a wide variety of effects it can have, but would you believe that when smoked by elderly patients, it actually makes their minds young again?

Researchers at the University of Bonn in west Germany and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel conducted a collaborative study in which they fed a daily low dose of THC to mice over the course of four weeks. The mice were arranged in three different age groups which included two months, twelve months, and eighteen months; the latter two represented mature and old age. The scientists then had the mice perform three different tests in which the mature and old mice treated with THC performed on equal standing to their younger counterparts who were given placebos. Furthermore, the older mice on THC performed better than the younger mice that were also on THC. In one experiment involving a water maze, younger mice under THC performed poorly while their older counterparts fared better, which the scientists confirm that it was in, “good agreement with the known detrimental effects of THC on cognition in young animals and humans.” The study concludes that THC reverses the cognitive deficits—learning and memory losses—that occur with aging.

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