Cannabis and Wine – A Combination Of Two Great Pleasures Of Life


It is truly a party when bottles of blue label float around or some joints of cannabis are passed around and you wake up with a cloudy memory of the night. But have you ever wondered how would it feel to cherish the joy of them both together? I am hoping it would be a party you will never forget.

This mixture is not a new concept given that evidence of such mixtures being used as anesthetics during ancient times is available. For starters, most people would suggest not to combine them. Cannabinoids are extracted from the plant materials in a number of ways, one of the processes being alcohol-based extraction. This is among the first association of infusion between the two substances which is used in case of extraction for most recipes.

Alcohol and Marijuana

The use of alcohol with Marijuana helps the THC to get absorbed more efficiently and twice as fast as normal. Similarly, THC is responsible for attenuating plasma ethanol levels in humans and the effects are caused by these factors. People who combine the same often share that they enhance the effect of each other.

Which of These Combinations Will Pair the Best?

  • Wine and Cannabis: Red wine and Cannabis is a great combination to enjoy. While your tongue distinctively absorbs the various tones of flavors in a glass of wine having dominant strains which are flavored tend to pair well with wines other than red. Cannabis infused wine is available commercially and you can also try preparing the same at home.
  • Beer and Cannabis: Cannabis infused beer, especially sour beers which pairs amazingly well with Cannabis is widely available. A low alcohol beer will be ideal to experiment the combination with cannabis.
  • Hard liquor and Cannabis: Marijuana with any other liquor especially if hard can be a good way to experiment but only in moderation. While there isn’t much on the flavor side to expect, the drink will surely feel strong. A combination of twenty grand vodka and marijuana may be a great way to go for a party evening.
  • Cannabis and Cocktail:  Clearing your mind with cannabis-infused cocktails such as margaritas and sangrias would be a great idea. This will bring in some flavor to your drink. A mixture of fruit, alcohol, and Cannabis could be a real party.

Points to Remember

  • Limits: You are the best judge of yourself and hence you will know how much alcohol or cannabis you can take before you fall sick. Now given the effect is going to be enhanced in this mixture carefully take every drink and enjoy it to the fullest before you rush to another.
  • Varieties and strains: While the above pairings have worked well for others your experience is going to be unique. So work with familiar and comfortable strains and varieties which you can take. If you are not good with whiskey then don’t pair with it. Try soft strains with mild alcohol to understand the feeling before you take the leap.
  • Hydrate: It is a general rule when it comes to alcohol that you need to be on the top of your hydration game. Dehydration could cause possible discomfort and hence make sure you stay hydrated throughout.

While this combination could be something amazing to relish, mixing them which is commonly referred to as crossfading tends to give an unpredictable experience to each one. The right strain and variety pairing can get you the chance to thoroughly enjoy this combination and go easy on the pocket by enhancing the effects.

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