Which Cannabis Strains Are Highest in CBD, According to Lab Data?


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is becoming a mainstay in consumers’ medicine cabinets as it combats pain, inflammation, anxiety, and much more. However, even as CBD strains and products become more readily available, the price tag can often make one flinch. For this reason, it’s worth knowing which products will bring the best value based on CBD abundance.

Looking at data from cannabis testing labs across Washington State, we compiled a list of strains that tend to produce significant amount of CBD. These numbers are derived from the testing samples of cannabis flowers and do not include CBD concentrates.

Cannabis Strains With High Levels of CBD

With this caveat in mind, let’s look at the strains that expressed the highest levels of CBD according to the above lab data.

Dancehall is an upbeat and inspiring strain meant to lift your spirits while coercing creativity. With a CBD:THC ratio of nearly 20:1 on average, this strain delivers little to no euphoric effects that might distract focus or dampen cognition in THC-sensitive consumers.

Known for its keen ability to lift anxiety of all shades, ACDC is a godsend to consumers susceptible to the side effects of THC. This strain allows you to harness many of the desirable traits of cannabis, like light-footed physical relaxation and gentle mood elevation, without the cost of a clear, calm mind.

Suzy Q is a CBD-dominant strain with an extremely modest amount of THC, making it another mellow strain with little to no high. The mild effects of this pine-scented strain help you shed anxious or demotivating mental blocks that stood in the way of creativity and productivity.

Named in recognition of the CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo, Ringo’s Gift imbues the consumer with a sense of wellbeing alongside steady relief in the body. Use this strain to take the edge off pain and stress, while allowing the mind to roam free without the shackles of paranoia or distracting euphoria.

Charlotte’s Web was the first CBD strain to receive media attention, and has achieved legendary status among CBD varieties ever since. Although its reputation is built upon its success in treating epilepsy, this strain has aided patients treating many other conditions including pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Charlotte’s Web is grown by CW Pharmaceuticals in Colorado.

Remedy is a high-CBD strain that quietly ushers in easy relaxation without mental fog. For consumers seeking something a little more relaxing than a cup of tea, Remedy offers a solution with effects that rid the mind of anxiety while soothing aches, pains, and inflammation.

Sour Tsunami has become a household name among high-CBD strains. This variety tends to produce less than 1-2% of THC, so you can reap its medicinal benefits without the high. Sour Tsunami is fairly prolific, so keep an eye out for this strain at your next dispensary visit if you’re looking to quell pain or anxiety symptoms without the interference of THC.

If you’re looking to harness the benefits of THC and CBD but wary of getting too high, Hawaiian Dream is the strain for you. With a THC content of around 5% and a CBD profile stretching between 5-10%, Hawaiian Dream can help abate symptoms with only mild, gentle euphoria. As an added bonus, this strain throws in a little tropical flavor to sweeten the experience.

Dance World is a CBD-dominant strain that almost achieves a balanced CBD:THC ratio, making it especially appropriate for consumers struggling with pain, depression, and lack of appetite. This synergy of THC and CBD helps to inspire positivity and more vibrant moods by handing you subdued euphoria on a leash.

Nordle offers a balanced abundance of both THC and CBD that makes it especially suitable for patients dealing with pain, insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety. If your symptoms are keeping you up at night, Nordle is a great nightcap solution for dialing down pain and worries so you can spend less time tossing and turning.

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