Cannabis Seeds UK: The Best Weed For UK Climates


Sometimes growing cannabis in the UK or Ireland can be troublesome if you choose an unsuitable strain. Here, we check out some cannabis, that will let you cultivate a world class crop of potent trouble-free weed easily in those short grow seasons.

England and Ireland have weather that is influenced mainly by the sea, so they share a mild humid climate that can fluctuate rapidly. With temperatures rarely getting warmer than 25 degrees celsius at the height of summer and often below zero with snow in winter.

When talking weather, the further south the better. Longer warmer days in general are appreciated by all plants, including of course cannabis. Gulf Stream country with a less punishing winter and more humid springs would let growers plant earlier than elsewhere.

Plants are usually germinated in April ready for spring vegetation, but this may still be too cold in many places and waiting until May to avoid late frosts can be prudent. The spring equinox barely brings sufficiently strong daylight hours for proper vegetation if you are growing outdoors. Harvest is generally around October. Of course maturing times are species-dependent and you may be enjoying indica buds early or sativa late.

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