Cannabis For Reliving COVID-19 Induced Stress And Anxiety


People get stressed and anxious over a wide range of factors. You can become subject to stress or anxiety for professional reasons, or sometimes personal issues can make you bogged down with stress.

If this goes on continuously, your mental health goes for a toss and the effects can be negatively seen in career and relationships.

Right now, the biggest source of stress in human life is the COVID 19 pandemic, beyond doubt. Like billions of others, you are worried about the outcome and how safe you actually are! News updates can intensify stress.

Honestly, you cannot do much about it except for taking precautions and staying at home most of the time. Still, if you find the stress too much to cope with, look for stress-busting measures.

Cannabis As A Viable Stress Busting Measure

You can resort to many things to bust the coronavirus induced stress and woes. The options can be varied including playing with the pets, watching favorite movies, experimental cooking, honing your creative skills like painting and clay modeling, etc.

However, not everyone can be content with these. If you have not tried it, this can be an ideal time to consume cannabis and bust the stress.

Reasons To Try Cannabis To Cope With The Ongoing Situation

Right now, the pandemic induced situation is pretty chaotic. Some countries are faring better off than others, but widespread confusion and fear is still looming. A vaccine for the virus is still far away and the resultant stress can be taxing on your nerves.

Cannabis is known for its relaxing and soothing properties. In fact, many tribes have been using it for thousands of years to cope with depression, stress, and mental anxiety issues. When used in the right way, it has fewer side effects than typical antidepressant medications. You can buy it or try growing it in the backyard. Yes, this can be your new hobby.

Understanding The Working Mechanism Of Cannabis

The cannabis plant contains many ingredients and compounds and their amount and type vary from one strain to another. However, the major compounds found in the plant are CBD and THC, along with terpenes.

The human body has a complex network of nerves and these play major roles in controlling feelings and emotions. Our mood, memory, hunger, attention, pain is largely controlled by the nervous system and brain. The body also has an endocannabinoid system with receptors that respond to compounds found in the cannabis plants, studies have shown.

When you consume cannabis, the compounds influence the ECS receptors directly, and in turn, your bodily functions are impacted. Several studies have indicated consuming certain strains of cannabis can reduce pain, inflammation, feelings of anxiety and stress in humans.

What You Can Do

To deal better with the stress and anxiety induced by the pandemic, you can try consuming cannabis. However, for a beginner, proceeding with caution is required. For stress relief and relaxation, you should go for the CBD heavy strains. These strains induce relaxation and promote sleep, which can be ideal if you are having sleeping woes.

There are some hybrid strains with minimal THC and a liberal amount of CBD which can fit your bill too. However, refrain from using THC rich strains as doing so will lead to cerebral buzz and that will not be exactly relaxing!

The Right Way To Use Cannabis

If you have not tried cannabis, practicing caution regarding the consumption method will be required. Smoking or vaping marijuana does not go down well with all. You may try the tinctures, which practically eliminates the risk of overdosing. If you try edibles, try not to munch on too much. Also ensure, you are at home or at setup you are comfortable with.

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