How Cannabinoids May Help You Lose Weight


Despite marijuana being well known for restoring and increasing one’s appetite, to the point where it is being used medicinally to help those suffering from the severe nausea that is often a side effect of chemotherapy treatments, there are certain strains of the plant that can actually suppress an appetite and help people lose weight. These strains, which include the popular Pineapple Purps, Super Lemon Haze and Durban Poison, typically contain a higher amount of the cannabinoid THCV and/or the terpene known as humelene.

Both of these compounds act in a way chemically that blocks the absorption of THC by the body therefore preventing the accompanying munchies from taking hold. Enthusiasts looking to shed a few pounds should definitely look into trying out some of these strains as part of their weight loss regiments. Follow the link below for the full story on how THCV and humulene could help those trying to lose weight!

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