Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

For some people, weed is just a joint they smoke to get relaxed and mellow and forget about the long day at work. For others, cannabis is the miracle drug that cures everything including cancer. As we have demonstrated before, cannabis has been in many ancient cultures and its uses ranged from the ritualistic, medicinal, to the downright recreational. Many a physician spent their entire life researching the various benefits of the plant and testing it on every ailment they could think of. This is all understandable. Even in this day and age of technological advances, cannabis still holds many secrets despite all the studies and research that have made the herb its topic and subject. So when a British man in his sixties made the wild claim that he managed to beat cancer with his own homegrown weed, skepticism was the first reaction. And the second.
The story

So the story appeared here over two years ago about Mike Cutler, who was in his early 60s when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Not satisfied with his doctor’s diagnosis or the second or third opinions, he went online to find a solution as one might do. Eventually, he was led to cannabis oil. Mike bought some seeds and grew his own strains. From there he managed to extract cannabis oil and immediately used it all. Three days later the excruciating pain was gone and when the doctors examined him they found all traces of cancer had vanished. This naturally made the doctors scratch their heads as Mike chuckled to himself in the background.

The other stories

Mike Cutler’s story is not unique. The internet is full of many such stories about how cannabis helped various people get over various incurable diseases, all without the help of modern medicine. Most of the patients haven’t even heard about cannabis before. But once they got their hands on it, it worked like magic. If that sounds like a fairytale, maybe that’s because it is. That doesn’t mean that all these people are intentionally lying. But in most cases, their conclusions are the result of a misunderstanding, or maybe it’s just a cry for attention. The point is we can’t always believe any wild claim just because we wish it were true.

Science has something to say

The medicinal benefits of cannabis have been studied and asserted by many scientists both in ancient and modern times. Studied proved that cannabis was effective in managing chronic pain for example. There’s new evidence that THC helps people with PTSD. Many veterans attest to its benefits and they’re pushing for the legalization of marijuana based on that. But cancer is a different story. A lot of people claimed that they used high doses of THC to kill cancer cells in a lab. And they are right. Only, you could replace THC with bleach and you’d get the same result. But killing isolated cells in a test tube is totally different from targeting cancerous cells in a living person. It’s not easy to kill the infected cells and spare the healthy ones.

The bottom line is don’t let your enthusiasm for cannabis lead you astray. Cannabis is not a magic cure for everything. If it helps someone with their migraines, PTSD, or depression, that’s great. But to believe that it can zero in on malignant cells and destroy them sounds more like science fiction than science. And instead of chasing wild dreams like these, maybe it’s better to focus our research on the things that cannabis can help with. As cannabis advocacy groups make a push toward legalization, the last thing anyone wants to hear is far-fetched claims that hinder or even slow down the progress made so far.

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