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Smoking pot is a great experience that creates lovely feelings for users. These range from intense euphoria and giddiness to creativity and energy. What strains are best for each kind of high? Are you looking for euphoria, energy or mental focus? Read on.

Cannabis is taking the world by storm and with good reason: It just makes people feel good! Recent years have focussed on the “war on cannabis,” but now the tables seem to be turning once again. People are purchasing and growing marijuana for a variety of reasons: to relax, to relieve stress or to simply feel irie. Cannabis can encourage all of these feelings as it stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain and body that create certain sensations. In turn, this allows people to do things they otherwise could not do – or do as well – without weed.

There are also many different types of high. Connoisseurs and long-time users know how to achieve specific outcomes, but if you are new to the wonderful, wacky world of weed, having information about specific strains and their effects can be a powerful tool. As a newbie, you might not even know what you want to feel yet, or what to expect. If you are introduced to cannabis with a heavy indica strain, you might think all weed hits like a sledgehammer, which is definitely not the case. Strains are bred specifically to elicit certain reactions.


That is a very subjective question with a great number of possible answers. People feel high in different ways. The most pleasurable highs are ones that inspire feelings of hope, euphoria, enthusiasm and happiness – feelings that bring out your inner social butterfly, so to speak. The sensations experienced during a cannabis high are caused by THC actively present in the bloodstream, but the exact effects are dependant on factors such as mindset, setting, physiology of the consumer and the type of cannabis strain.

A sensation that is considered part of a good high is when your body – or parts of it – feel a bit numb. If you are experiencing pain, it might instantly go away. You may stop worrying or stressing; you tend to think about things in new ways, leading to creative solutions. You may feel hyper-focussed. You can laugh uncontrollably at things you normally wouldn’t. You will feel happy and, oh yeah baby, maybe a bit “amorous.” Or, you might just feel the most intense wave of relaxation wash over you.


A great deal of the fun is experimenting with different types of marijuana and finding the one that gets you where you want to be. Sativa strains tend to create a more uplifting and energetic buzz, while indica strains are commonly used for relaxation. The body stone they induce quickly relieves pain, stress and anxiety. For this reason, it is good to do your research on the effects of your weed. That being said, not every strain will work the same way for everyone, as we mentioned earlier. Let’s have a look at our favorite cannabis highs, their accompanying effects and the best strain to stimulate each one.


This one needs little explanation! Once THC and other cannabinoids take hold of your body, you might feel like slipping into a warm bubble bath, engulfed in a cocoon of “easy-does-it.” Users describe a sudden “unplugging” from stress. Others find the relaxation to incite a shift in mental attitude. For example: while cross-country running is not everyone’s definition of relaxation, runners sometimes use pot for this purpose as the weed allows them to remove worry from their minds and just focus on running. And of course, cannabis is used for the ultimate relaxation – sleep. Not only do some cannabis strains allow patients to drift off quicker, they also seem to improve the quality of the sleep cycle itself.

There are many strains to choose from if you want to destress. However, Stress Killer by Royal Queen Seeds is a great place to start. With a pungent, lemony aroma and flavour, Stress Killer is a nice mix of high CBD and 11% THC. This lovely haze strain banishes worrying thoughts and creates a clear and focussed mind.


This is the #1 reason why artists, computer programmers and musicians smoke pot. The creative flow induced by a toke or two can open the mind and heighten concentration. That being said, not all creative endeavors executed while high are automatically works of genius. That takes skill and practice beyond blazing up. I once revisited a poem I had written after a vape-session. Expecting something Shakespearean, I was unpleasantly surprised with what seemed to be a combination of a poorly scripted Sesame Street sketch and a grocery list.

Marijuana also seems to enable people to connect otherwise unrelated concepts, which is arguably the basis of creativity. Have you ever watched a goofy movie when high and thought: “Oh my god! This movie is genius. The concept is completely meta! Deep! What great mind conceived this?!” Well, the creative influx caused by weed might be causing you to make conceptual links that are not even intentional!

People crave creativity in all kinds of situations. Those of us with less creative occupations find that certain strains help, rather than hinder us in everyday activities too. Adding pleasure to even humdrum chores adds a little bit of levity to everyday life.

Our top pick to get those creative juices flowing? Green Crack! This is a hybrid strain from the US that grows fast and delivers a fabulous high. Its buds are rock hard and the THC level is superb. No wonder Green Crack has conquered American states like California and has its sights set on Europe!


The strains that tend to create this effect are indica-heavy varieties. These often carry a decent dose of CBD as well, inducing the stoned body effect. Our all-time fave? Gorilla Glue. Look no further than this storied strain for your couch-lock experience. Gorilla Glue will send you to Couch Town in just a few hits. Resin production is out of this world and THC levels are super high, frequently exceeding 25%.


Our top energising strain is a much-loved variety: Raspberry Cough. Nirvana Seeds’ Raspberry Cough is a THC-rich, sativa-dominant member of the White family, even though it grows red wisps of hair. The high is strong and cerebral.


Our favourite strain for maximum chuckles has an apt name indeed: Laughing Buddha. This cross between Thai and Jamaican genetics delivers not only the goods, but a big smile as well. Laughing Buddha is known for its pleasant, energetic high. It is great during parties and in gatherings with friends.

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