The Best Type of Cannabis According to Your Zodiac Sign

The Best Type of Cannabis According to Your Zodiac Sign
  • Pisces: are very emotional and ultrasensitive beings. Sour D. is one of the best cannabis strains for the sign. The Sativa strain can uplift mood, relax your body, increase creativity and give energy to fluid water sign.
  • Aries: a confidence sign with a lot of energy. Such people should smoke Indica cannabis strains. For example, Granddaddy Purple which can bring you down to the Earth and make you mellow.
  • Gemini: lively, intellectual, social beings that smoke weed to show their personality and minimize their tense. Silver Haze, the best choice for nervous and unfocused people. The classic Sativa strain could clear your mind and reduce anxious attributes.
  • Cancer: sympathetic, intuitive and very sentimental. Purple Haze is one of the best choices for such emotional beings. The Sativa strain increases socialize level and gives a euphoric feeling.
  • Leo: most luxurious zodiac sign. Cali Queen, a very potent Sativa-dominant hybrid, could help you to feel more sexy and confident.
  • Virgo: zodiac sign of perfection. A Girl Scout Cookie could help to find the balance between peaceful calm and neurotic attributes.
  • Libra: spontaneous and charismatic zodiac sign. Cherry Pie, a cannabis strain with a nice flower aroma, could relax your body and be brain-active at the same time.
  • Scorpio: seductive, intellectual and intense beings. Sour Diesel could help you to curb your energy and uplift mood.
  • Sagittarius: people, that are looking for adventure. Black Jack is a perfect cannabis strain for the zodiac sign. It could give euphoric vibes and increase your positive level.
  • Capricorn: ambitious and disciplined people, who could be uptight sometimes. Jack Herer could help to forget about some responsibilities, uplift mood and relieve everyday stress.
  • Aquarius: idealistic and progressive sign that care about people. Blue Dream cannabis hybrid is the best choice for Aquarius to be more focused. The strain could enhance creativity and help to sort thoughts.

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