The Best Cannabis Strains For Headaches


A Few Strains That Can Help You Deal With Headaches & Migraines

People have been turning to cannabis as a form of pain relief for as long as humans first started consuming the plant countless ages ago. Studies have gone on to show that cannabis could potentially help fight serious medical conditions such as various types of cancer as well as provide significant pain relief for folks suffering from an acute and/or chronic pain condition. Cannabis can be an effective medicine for treating numerous different medical issues and is especially well suited for treating non life-threatening conditions such as headaches and migraines.

Even though we always advise that anyone seek professional medical advice when considering using cannabis as a form of treatment for any type of medical condition (no matter how minor), the below marijuana strains have consistently garnered fame as being particularly effective as a form of treatment for the occasional headache or migraine that we all have to eventually suffer through every now and again.

Blue Cheese:

Blue Cheese is an indica dominant strain known to provide pain relief and promote relaxation with its sedative effects but without any of the usual lack of focus or loss of overall energy that often accompany indicas. The Blue Cheese strain can deliver a potent medicine that is very well suited for folks that are seeking immediate pain relief for whatever the reason.


Chemdawg is a famous hybrid strain with a reputation for providing a very “heady” high so it is perfect for enthusiasts that are looking to stay on top of their game by keeping your mind level while still benefiting from its effects. Due to its significant popularity you can find this helpful strain at most dispensaries that are worth their salt.

Cinderella 99:

Cinderella 99 (aka C99 or simply “Cindy”) is a sativa dominant hybrid formed from the combination of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk strains. Its effects have been known to increase one’s mental energy as well as fight off pain. This is another strain that allows for you to go about your day normally after consuming it to get rid of those pesky headaches.


Lavender is another indica dominant hybrid that is famous for its anti-inflammation and relatively fast acting pain relieving qualities. It is also known to provide a deep sense of relaxation for both mind and body that is accompanied by pronounced feelings of tranquility and euphoria.

Northern Lights:

Northern Lights is a full indica strain that helps slow both your body and mind, helping to at least temporarily get rid of intrusive thoughts and compulsive actions. Its advocates frequently report feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, and uplifted after consuming and it is also one of the best cannabis strains for treating sleep issues which often accompany and can seriously exacerbate many types of headaches and migraines.

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