The Best 14 Vegan Cannabis Products for You This Summer

The cannabis industry has so far already started offering more of the plant-based cannabis products with the impending legalization of the use of the drug. And it makes a lot of sense when you come to think about it. With the continuous rise in the use of the drug, you will find that Veganism has only grown to be more popular with the users of the drug with data reading that it has risen by up to 600% in America alone since 2014. And this has had a positive impact on the environment generally and in terms of how we view food.

When you do some digging on the matter, you will even find that animal agriculture produces more of greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes, trains, and any other transportation modes available around the world combined. This article has listed 14 vegan cannabis products that you can use to bump up your cruelty stash.

  • Vegan concentrates on the vegan Buddha

The concentrates of vegan Buddha are delicious, smooth, free of toxic materials, potent, and organically produced. Currently, they come in cartridges of 550mg and in four different tasty flavors that you can choose from; the velvet XT, velvet, super lemon haze, and velvet.

  • Vegan cookies from the Venice cookie company

This company offers four different cookies that all cater to different palates, tolerance levels, and dietary restrictions. You will also find that their sugar-free CBD Zinger is usually loaded with real ginger and lemon. It contains 100mg of CBD and 15mg of THC. You will also find traces of chocolate, sea salt, and cranberries in this product. The CBD Churro cookies of VCC are perfectly balanced with 50mg of the therapeutic CBD and 50mg of the THC product.

These products contain up to 300mg of THC and a has a very tasty morsel of gluten-free oats, agave syrup, cannabis-infused coconut oil, and a vegan chocolate coating. They are available in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

  • Cannabis cold brew of Somatic

You will want to give the cannabis cold brew a try if you are the type who enjoys having coffee like you enjoy cannabis. This product is free of all animal products. This product is all vegan and can be found in California.

  • Medicated macaroons of Utopia farms

The products are raw, kosher-friendly, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly and are always only made using organic ingredients which are pesticide-free guaranteed extracts. They come in five different macaroon flavors. This product can be found in California.

You can say these products are plant-based perfection. They are completely dairy free and can be packaged anywhere from between 40mg and 180mg of THC. Some of the vegan flavors include espresso dark chocolate, blackberry dark chocolate, regular dark chocolate, and tangerine dark chocolate. You can find this product in Illinois, California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Well, the snack-sized punch of this product has been infused by up to 50mg of THC. You can also opt to check out the brand’s coconut oil products for even more infused goodness.

  • Bath bombs of Kush queen

You will definitely want to try out this bath bomb by Kush queen. Whether you are looking to relax or relieve pain, this is the product for you. Literally, it feels like nothing can ever go wrong while using these drugs. You can find this product nationwide.

  • SuckIT edibles of Canyon cultivation

This product is exclusive in Colorado and is a dream come true for all the kush guys out is dosed at 10mg of THC per candy and is 100% vegan.

  • Sour gummies of Wana brands

This product is also 100% vegan. You can find this good stuff in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Colorado.

  • Vegan stains of buds & roses

You can say that the vegan mother pucker is a dominant sativa strain when it comes to veganic weeds. You can only find these weed products at Buds & Roses. The products are abundant in California.

These chocolatey cacao roses are to die for with 60mg of THC and contain absolutely 0% of animal products and can be found in California.

  • Candy hearts of Dr. Raw Organics

These products contain 0% dairy products, are non-GMO ingredients that are pesticide-free, and gluten-free. Found mostly in California.

  • Honeypot teas by Honey Pot

You can check out this vegan product and see for yourself what it can do for you; one word, magic! It contains over 25mg of CBD or THC, depending on your preference.

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