The Benefits of Microdosing Weed


I’m going to be honest when I say that upon hearing about microdosing pot, I was very skeptical. As someone who has enjoyed joint after joint, smoking little bits at a time just seemed ineffective. I assume anyone with a high tolerance will think likewise.

Yet, as mentioned in a previous article, there have been moments in which I have experienced anxiety from too much THC. To top it off, I’m in the midst of a period of my life where my responsibilities are heightened; therefore, lightening my cannabis consumption.

With this, I inevitably began smoking less and less to a point where my tolerance has been lowered quite a bit. And I naturally began to microdose.

To be fair, I was a little upset that I couldn’t spend hours upon hours with my friends getting as high as I used to. However, I am starting to see why many people are changing their smoking habits in this manner.

Before I begin, I want to pinpoint that I’m completely aware microdosing isn’t for everyone.

To all the stoners who love their multiple blunt sessions a day, this article is probably not for you. But for people who are either looking to change their smoking habits or desiring to start one, microdosing should certainly be considered as an option.

To further this up, microdosing with weed—compared to microdosing with stronger psychedelics, such as LSD or psilocybin—is much different. Science has shown that marijuana can safely and healthily be consumed on a daily basis; whereas stronger psychedelics are still in question.

Plus, the sensations one should expect to feel are greatly divergent.

What Is A Weed Microdose?

In order to truly understand the benefits of microdosing with marijuana, we should first figure out exactly what a microdose is. Simply put, it’s intaking very small amounts of marijuana in order to still feel perceptible sensations.

It should be noted, though, that since this is not a regular dose, the “high” threshold is not surpassed. Therefore, it’s a sub-perceptible sensation that doesn’t completely take over your thought process. For the good majority of those who partake in microdosing, this sensation is considered being on the verge of a high.

The only way to understand this feeling is by trying a microdose for yourself. However, this feeling will most certainly vary from person to person. Not only due to the fact people react to highs differently, but also because much of what you’ll feel depends on your tolerance. The higher one’s tolerance, the less they’ll feel and vice versa.

With this information, we can get a sense as to why there are a versatile amount of benefits to microdosing. Some people may profit from the fact that it’s less overwhelming than a regular high. Others might find that they can gain a certain productivity by microdosing throughout the day.

Since marijuana remains a psychedelic substance, it allows people to work their brains within realms that can’t be reached without psychoactive chemicals. And with a microdose, one has the ability to not only reach those realms, but also control them.

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