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A microdose is often described as a sub-perceptual dose, meaning the effects are so subtle that they are barely noticeable at all. Some people may wonder what the point of this kind of activity is. Isn’t taking such a small dose just a waste of weed that could be used to fatten up a joint or be piled into a brownie?

Well, microdosing serves as the perfect venue to obtain some of the creative and intellectual benefits of cannabis, without the high. For some people, even small amounts of cannabinoidsare enough to make them uncomfortably anxious or dysfunctional. Therefore, microdosing also acts as a great launch point for new cannabis consumers looking to elevate their mood without any negative side effects.

Additionally, ingesting large doses of cannabis definitely initiates augmented psychedelic results. When it comes to edibles, many people report intense feelings of increased energy or heavy sedation. When it comes to smoking, lethargy, tiredness and an almost irresistible urge to take a nap may occur. Therefore, microdosing can serve as a means to reap some of the positive benefits of cannabis while remaining focused while studying or conducting research.


At this stage, there is practically zero scientific evidence delineating microdosing and its effects in full. Most of the reports available are purely anecdotal. At the same time, these type of data are compelling as consumer responses culminate in observable trends which increase the credibility of potential applications. At this point, it is all about playing around and experimenting in order to find out what works best for each individual.

Many people take cannabis for medical purposes to tackle a whole variety of conditions. Some individuals, in hopes of treating even serious illnesses, take very refined and pure extracts in rather large doses to achieve the full effects of cannabis plant therapy. However, microdosing definitely has its place in the medical world too, with some physicians reporting that less is more when it comes to medical weed. Microdosing also contributes to a lower tolerance, which will save you money in the short and long-term.


Microdosing edibles definitely comes along with its advantages over smoking or vaping. One of those advantages is that edibles can take almost any form, meaning you can infuse microdoses into just about any kind of food or drink you’d like. Just make sure you are getting your products from a reliable source or are making them yourself with mathematical precision.

With the constant expansion and innovation occurring throughout the worldwide cannabis industry, some companies where weed is legal have taken the initiative to create edible products specifically with microdosing in mind. Microdose mints now exist that contain tiny amounts of THC. Products like these enable consumers to discover their individual threshold when it comes to microdosing. With this method, you can easily and incrementally increase your dose over time, discovering just how much your body tolerates before psychoactive effects are induced.


As is well known with edibles, this type of cannabis takes longer to kick in. Furthermore, the rate of metabolisation is slower, causing the high to last longer. Unlike with smoking where THC enters the bloodstream rapidly, consuming edibles first sends the cannabinoid through the liver, converting the molecule before it enters the brain. In the case of microdosing edibles, this smaller dose has the potential to be even more therapeutic and last longer than microdosing flower by smoking or vaporising.

Also, cannabis smoke comes along with a potent and recognisable aroma. Even vape pens, by far more subtle, can still give off a bit of a scent. If you like to stay on the stealthier side of things, eating your cannabis is definitely a better option when out and about.


Perhaps the best way to microdose is to invest the required time and energy into determining which products are best for you. While it may cost a bit more money, you will likely want to purchase merchandise that has been thoroughly tested. If you are feeling creative and want to make your own, quite a few variables come into play.

First of all, there will probably be a period of trial and error while you find the sweet spot in terms of dosage. This might take a few attempts. Just don’t forget that edibles take longer to kick in and usually sustain more profound psychoactive effects when they do start. Also, consider the THC content and the type of strain you are using, as these play large roles in the outcome of your edibles.


The timing of your microdose is also something that might require some time to perfect. By ingesting small amounts of an edible over a number of minutes and hours, you can feel your way around until reaching a suitable dose. Wait a while in between each portion to identify how you are progressing. If you plan on taking a microdose before an event or social situation, maybe give yourself an hour or two beforehand, just in case.


When it comes to side effects, the main one is no surprise: getting stoned. If you overdo it, you will likely feel the incoming effects of slight psychedelia. If you have really taken your time and only consumed small doses, the high may be subtle enough not to disturb you. However, if you really go for it and eat a whole box of weed cookies, you might end up quite blazed. With that said, this is easily avoidable if you dose slowly and responsibly.

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