8 Steps to Make Your own Edible Cannabis oil


What is Cannabis Oil?

Edible cannabis oil, or hash oil as many people call it, is a thick, solid and very powerful concentrated extract of weed, which is made of medical marijuana buds as well as leaves and stems of a mature plant. It can be used by patients with cancer, PTSD, asthma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain and a great number of other medical conditions to provide pain relief.

Everyone can make their own cannabis oil at home. The process of this medicine preparation is not difficult and takes approximately an hour.

All you need to succeed in making cannabis oil is to have all the necessary supplies and follow the guide given below.

Things you Need to Make Hash Oil

The first thing you need to make your hash oil is the proper marijuana strain, which depends on what’s best suited for you. It may be either a high-THC strain like Sour Diesel or White Rhino for instance, or a high-CBD strain such as CBD Shark Shock or Compassion. You also can use both types of strains.

Take into account, that, THC produces very strong psychoactive effects, so THC strains should be used very carefully. The mix of high-THC strains and high-CBD strains, which do not have psychoactive effects, provides the greatest benefits of medical weed.

To make cannabis oil, you also need one gallon of a high-proof alcohol. Other supplies you should prepare are: two ceramic or glass mixing bowl of medium size, a large spoon or fork, a device to filter the mixture of weed and alcohol, a double boiler, and plastic syringes.

Making Your Hash Oil

  1. Prepare everything you need to start making your cannabis oil. Organize your preparation area and do not forget about good ventilation.
  2. Take an ounce of very dry medical marijuana, and grind it up. Then take medical marijuana buds, two or three ounces of medical weed, trim it and place them into the bowl.
  3. Add high-proof alcohol to fully cover the weed.
  4. Mix alcohol and weed thoroughly with your mixing spoon for about 3 minutes.
  5. Filter the mixture of marijuana and alcohol through your straining device and let the filtered dark green liquid pour into the other mixing bowl.
  6. Take your double-boiler, with its bottom pot already filled with water, and pour the received liquid into the top pot.
  7. Turn the heat on high until the liquid in the top pot begins to bubble. As soon as it happens, immediately turn off the heat. Mix the liquid every few minutes to let the alcohol evaporate away.
  8. After 15-25 minutes, when the liquid has stopped to bubble and has become thick, place the oil into a plastic syringe.

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