6 Medical Cannabis Patients Who Reduced and Replaced Their Prescription Medicines


One of things that the pharmaceutical industry likes to keep quiet is that medical cannabis is one of the best treatment options to reduce and/or replace opioids and prescription medication usage. Hundreds of people are trading in harmful medications that many have used for years, even decades, for side effect free medical cannabis.

Here are some actual success stories from Illinois MCPP patients. These testimonials are in their own words.

Patient #1

I am Fentanyl free for the first time in years, replaced by medical cannabis! I was on 100 mcg per hour of Fentanyl for 5 years. I had 7 days of hard withdrawals. I was using RSO for the withdrawal symptoms. I used 2 kinds; Pre-98 Bubba Kush, a high CBD strain. The second was a very high THC strain. I use one drop of each twice a day. I rub it on my gums. It kicks in fast and easy. I used more RSO when the withdrawals were really bad. I also received a shot of Toradol, a muscle relaxer, at the ER, when muscle spasms hit. I supplement it with microdoses of shatter in an electric dab pen.

Patient #2

In order to start tapering off Benzos, I incorporated medical cannabis. I medicated with edibles made with indica oil with increased amounts of THCa and/or CBD. I put Kief in a capsule and was able to reduce by .5 this week. I vaped with CBD concentrates to help with anxiety while tapering off. When I started using medical cannabis, I actually began to lose interest in Benzos and was able to drop down to half the amount or less.

Patient #3

Her plan was to reduce her morphine use over the course of a few weeks.

Day 1. Instead of my usual 30mgs of morphine, I took 15 mgs and 2-hybrid capsules of 20mgs. I vaped first thing using any strain with higher levels of THC. I was able to get off Xanax, BP meds and reduce 1/2 of my transplant meds.

Day 6. I was still down to 1/2 my morphine with 20-25 mgs of THC as edible or capsule. I vaped throughout the day. At night, I took another edible and vaped, as needed. I started having problems with RLS and leg achiness which has not happened for a long time. I vaped and took a stranger edible. I elevated my legs on a pillow with a heat pad.

Day 19. I am still at 15 mgs instead of 30mgs. 25-30mgs of an edible. I vape throughout the day. If needed, another edible at night. RLS is better. I do take a Xanax if I can’t sleep

Patient #4

I came off of a 37.5 mg Fentanyl patch in a week. I used 2gms of RSO daily and Kratom. I had a lot of pain, but I got through it. I am off for good!

Patient #5

I was on Norco for 8 years. As soon as RSO was available at my dispensary, I started taking it. I had never used medical cannabis before. After using cannabis for 4 days, I was able to reduce the Norco from 3 times a day to just 1 at night. It looks like I need the nightly dosage as I cut that out altogether and was in a lot of pain, so I started taking it again.

Patient #6

I have had multiple abdominal surgeries. I lost part of my intestines and my spleen. I had 5 years of nausea. I started out using Canna Butter. I make it with RSO CO2 oil. I take it 4 times a day. 1:1 RSO with good THCa input works best for me. I don’t take any more prescription meds!

Please note that each person is unique and may have a different response. It will probably take some trial and error to find what works for you. I hope sharing the experiences of others gives you some guidelines when first starting out. Good luck!

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