4 Springtime Activities Enhanced With Cannabis


Spring is in the air, bringing fresh flowers, warmer days, and cleansing rain. But through the waxing evenings and lazy Sundays, intensive spring cleaning, an exhaustive daylight saving switch-up, and the stress of pre-summer planning tends to make spring a tiring season. Thankfully, these trying activities don’t have to be so daunting with a little cannabis on hand.

Enjoy preparing your garden or tackling that over-stuffed closet with some energizing strains that will get you in tune with the changing season. Below, discover our go-to strains for springtime activities and ease yourself into the months ahead.

Don’t Let Daylight Saving Time Leave You Exhausted

AM Strain Recommendation: Grapefruit Diesel

PM Strain Recommendation: King Louis XIII

Daylight Saving Time is a twice-yearly event that leads to a physical and mental adjustment for most of the country. While “spring ahead” means more sunshine, it also signals the loss of an hour of coveted sleep. Make the best of this change and avoid morning grogginess by going to bed early and giving yourself a mental boost for the morning.

To help you transition to this shift in time, choose a relaxing indica when you’re ready for bed. We love King Louis XIII, known for its insomnia benefits, to help the body ease into sleep an hour early. In the morning, the hybrid Grapefruit Diesel will give you a burst of energy that will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as you get ready for the day right on schedule.

Make Spring Cleaning Fun by Putting Some Pep in Your Step

Strain Recommendation: Super Lemon Haze

Spring cleaning might seem like a huge undertaking, but there’s something so satisfying about throwing open your windows and clearing the dust off your shelves in the fresh spring air. Jumping into this task is well worth it—in the end you’ll feel refreshed, your place will be spotless, and you can finally breathe a big sigh of relief.

To help you stay motivated as you clean top to bottom, try a stimulating sativa such as Super Lemon Haze. The lively, euphoric effects encourage focus, so you’ll be happily absorbed in your work and the spring cleaning will be done before you know it.

Relieve Lingering Winter Blues and Get Hyped for Spring

Strain Recommendation: Bubbleberry

After months of darkness, the beginning of spring is a welcome relief, but it isn’t enough to instantly kick the winter blues. While waiting for sunshine and warmth to steadily return and revive you, manage rainy weather blues with some TLC and the proper strain.

Bubbleberry is an excellent pick for relieving stress, depression, and inflammatory pain that can be aggravated by rainy weather. This hybrid provides a giggly, happy high that will make you feel closer to the sun while waiting for spring showers to bring on the other kind of flowers.

Pair the Right Greens With Your Gardening Routine

Strain Recommendation: Green Crack

One of the most magical times of the year is the beginning of spring since it kicks off the start of the growing season. After browsing the seed catalogue and planting your share, it’s time to prepare your garden. Lugging heavy soil and pots, raking the earth, and organizing your fruits and veggies is a lot of work, but the end result makes it all worth it.

By adding another plant to the mix, you can give yourself a physical boost while getting in a mental zone. Consider the sativa Green Crack; with a mental buzz and the sharp uptick of energy it provides, you’ll power through the laborious aspects while enjoying the pleasurable ones, such as when you plant that first seedling in some fresh soil.

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