The 12-Year-Old Medical Cannabis Refugee Who Could Change the World

If you have read about medical cannabis refugees chances are you heard about a very smart, driven, and passionate young lady by the name of Alexis Bortell. Alexis Bortell isn’t just another 12-year-old child. She is also not just another cannabis refugee. Alexis is a very influential and dedicated cannabis activist who is fighting for the rights of all patients. This young lady who suffers from a severe form of epilepsy known as intractable epilepsy had to seek refuge with her family in Colorado leaving their home and loved ones behind in Texas.

You see like many other forms of epilepsy, intractable epilepsy is hard to treat, and Alexis had tried a plethora of different treatment options before her parents made the drastic decision to seek out medical cannabis treatment for her in Colorado. The last straw for her parents was when doctors told them there was nothing left to do other than to try and remove a part of her brain to see if that would help. With a little bit of research, they discovered that many other children had found relief from severe forms of epilepsy thanks to cannabis-based options.

This is when Alexis’s parents packed up and moved to Colorado. This move saved Alexis’s life. As a cannabis medical refugee in the state of Colorado Alexis has gone almost 3 years seizure-free thanks to a specific regimen of cannabis treatments that include not only CBD but also THC.

Since gaining her quality of life back, Alexis has set out and successfully became a significant voice for cannabis patients not only in her home state of Texas but for patients across the nation. Learn more about this very influential young lady and her current endeavors below.

One Luv Organics

Alexis’s family owns a USDA-certified organic farm in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado known as One Luv Organics They offer products such as shampoo bars, USDA certified organic vegetables and fruits as well as all-natural goat milk soaps. All the products that they sell are grown and produced on their family farm. One Luv Organics and their products are a personal passion and a dream that Alexis help to bring to life.

Suing for Patients

Not only is Alexis outspoken and a majorly influential activist for cannabis patient rights she is also currently suing the US government and Jeff Sessions for cannabis patients nationwide. The suit as stated in this article on “aims to prove that the controlled substance act, the statute governing federal drug from policy, is unconstitutional as it relates to cannabis.” Along with Alexis an army veteran, a former NFL lineman, the Cannabis Culture Association and a six-year-old Georgia child that suffers from Leigh syndrome are also co-plaintiffs.

As it stands today Alexis can’t go home to Texas nor can she visit national parks or even go to Disney World because it is unlawful for her to keep her Cannatol RX rescue spray with her in these places. If Alexis, her family, and the co-plaintiffs win this case, it will be a historical moment as it will end the prohibition against the medical use of cannabis at the federal level across the entire United States. Alexis and her family just received confirmation today of a February 14th court date. This couldn’t come at a more critical time as Jeff Sessions is once again making news for going after medical cannabis patients.

Award – Most Influential Individual

Alexis has done some amazing things for cannabis patients’ rights. This is why it comes as no surprise to many that Alexis was the recipient of the Most Influential Individual in Cannabis in 2017 at the recent Cannabis Business Industry Awards.

Alexis as you can see is a force to be reckoned with. This young lady can even be quoted saying that Texas will have legal medical cannabis even if she has to become Governor and legalize it herself!!! If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is. Did I mention that Alexis has also written a book? That’s right in addition to being a patient, a child, a business entrepreneur, and an activist for patient’s rights she is also an author. To purchase her book check out the website here and be sure to follow Alexis on Facebook!

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