10 Tips That Are Guaranteed To Increase Your THC Absorption


No matter how you decide to enjoy cannabis, one thing is for sure: you want to absorb the most THC possible. While some of these tips may seem obvious, there are forgotten at times. Here are 10 tricks to increase THC absorption.

1. Exercise first

What better way to get THC into your system faster than a good ole fashion pre-smoke workout? Take a jog around the block, then grab your bong! An increased heart rate will send THC through your blood system fast.

2. Don’t hold your hit forever

Take a natural breath. Scientifically, your lungs can only absorb so much THC. Take a regular breath, hold for a few seconds, and release. You will waste less bud this way!

3. Eat foods containing cannabinoid receptors

Bet you didn’t know that some foods contain cannabinoid receptors! Eat some of these foods before using cannabis to enjoy an enhanced high: nuts, black and green tea, and even mangos.

4. Consume cannabis high in THC

If you want to absorb more THC, use stronger forms of cannabis. You can find some of the strongest forms here. Honestly, give hash oil a try.

5. Eat Your THC

Chances are that smoking a joint hasn’t been what makes you feel the highest. With ediblesthough, it’s relatively easy and results in numerous ER visits. As long as you know your limit, THC via edibles is superior to just about any other absorption rate you can achieve.

6. Take your multivitamins

Don’t just do it because your doctor says so. Multivitamins open up the circulatory system, helping the body’s cells to absorb more nutrients. Take one a bit before lighting up, and enjoy the benefits.

7. Fats help

Many people ignore fat supplements when taking their multivitamins. Healthy fats aid the body in processing and absorbing many nutrients, including proteins and even THC. Taking your Omega’s 3’s, a teaspoon of coconut oil, or eat foods made with olive oil before smoking will increase your body’s ability to absorb THC.

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8. Know your tolerance

Knowing your tolerance, or about THC tolerance is essential. Doing so will prevent you from being so upset when you feel like your smoking a lot but not high. Your body can only process so much THC at a time – so knowing your tolerance, and when to take a tolerance-break, will help you to make sure you are regularly absorbing the most THC possible.

9. Use quality products

This is a given, right? If you live in a state with cannabis programs, take advantage of the amazing products available to you! Don’t settle for weed grown in some dude’s backyard. Using quality cannabis will insure the quality of absorption.

10. Find the cannabis products best for you

No one’s body reacts to cannabis the same way – every endocannabinoid systems is incredibly unique. Ultimately, to achieve maximum absorption, you must know your body. Do you feel best using a vape or dabbing? Listen to your body – it will tell you which form of cannabis absorbs the best.

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