10 Home Remedies For Passing A Drug Test


Oh, drug tests. Regardless if you must take a urine, saliva, or hair drug test, they are no fun and preparing for them is vital if you want to pass. To help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a list of ten at-home remedies that could very well save your ass.

Do you have a drug test coming up? If so, then you’re probably hoping to pass it with flying colours. But that’s easier said than done when you’re a weed smoker or someone who enjoys dabbling in other substances. It’s vital to note that there are different types of drug tests, and not all remedies work for each. Not only do you have the standard urine test, but there’s also saliva and hair tests. If you want to ensure that you pass, then you need to know which of these you’re taking so that you can prepare the proper way.

No matter the type of test you’re dealing with, there are things you can try out to help you pass, although they aren’t 100% guaranteed to work. But they’re still worth trying nevertheless. Here are ten possible home remedies for passing hair, saliva, and urine drug tests.

DISCLAIMER: We can not guarantee the efficacy of any of the methods listed here below. Using them to help you pass a drug test is at your own risk and discretion. Of course, the best way to pass a drug test is to refrain from using drugs altogether.


1. If you’re someone who rarely uses cannabis, then rinsing your hair with lemon juice is said to help you pass a hair follicle test. For starters, you’ll need to fill up a bucket with water and let it sit overnight. Then, you’re going to wash your hair using the same water the next day with lemon juice added to it. Not only will rinsing your hair with this mixture detoxify your strands, it will also remove drug metabolites.

2. You could also clean your hair with vinegar, followed by washing it off with salicylic acid and finishing up with a detergent cleanse to eliminate dirt and toxins. However, this method might not work on stronger drug metabolites as salicylic acid doesn’t soak into the cuticle or cortex of your hair.

3. Another way to possibly wash out drug metabolites is to apply baking soda to your palm, along with a few drops of water, to form a paste. Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is an excellent natural detergent substitute. With this blend, you will massage both the hair and scalp. Then, you’re going to want to grab some apple cider vinegar, add warm water for dilution, and rinse your hair while rubbing your scalp at the same time.

4. Finally, you could always make shampoo using heat-dried rosemary leaves with grapeseed oil. Rosemary contains both rosmarinic and caffeic acid, both of which efficiently detoxify the strands. All you do is throw both in a kettle for around three hours, or until the leaves infuse the oil, then strain the oil. But be sure not to overheat it in the process. Once you’ve given it time to cool overnight, massage your scalp carefully with the oil, and then rinse. Repeat as needed.


5. One way to try and flush out the toxins in the hopes of passing a saliva drug test is by drinking enormous amounts of cranberry juice. With this method, not only will you need to drink a ton of juice, but also water, hours before you’re due to take the test. For best results, be sure to grab a natural brand rather than processed. Processed cranberry juice barely contains any cranberry at all. In case you’re unsure, you can always check the product’s label to see exactly how much cranberry is inside. Exercise or any form of physical activity is quite helpful in getting rid of toxins as well.

6. If you want to mask the signs of drug use in your saliva, aspirin could be all the camouflage you need. Of course, this remedy is not 100% effective for everyone, but it could work for you. Before the test, about 3 hours to be exact, try popping a few aspirin. Do be mindful of the dose, though. Overdosing on aspirin is possible. Also, you should know that if you take them too soon before the screening, you likely won’t achieve desired results.

7. Lastly, loading up on protein (red meat specifically) can normalise the levels of creatine in the body. In case you want to steer clear of red meats, chicken will do just fine. And if you’re a vegan, any other food rich in protein will work too. To increase the chances of passing your saliva drug test, consume your choice of protein at least three days before the day that it’s scheduled. As for the manner in which you eat it, that doesn’t matter. You can eat it alone, in soup, or include it in your favourite dish. Decide what’s best for you and go for it.


8. Using a homemade drug test solution could very well help you pass a urine drug test. To begin, start drinking lots and lots of water 48 hours before the test. In fact, keep water on you at all times, that way you’re reminded to keep drinking. At least a gallon a day is suggested. Also, do pick up some Oregon grape root, which you can find at most health food stores and organic food shops. You’re going to grind it into a powder and drink it along with your water.

If you decide to try this method, then you must refrain from all drugs for two days. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. On the day of the urine test, try to wake up as early as you can and take a b-100 vitamin. B vitamin supplements are essential if you want to pass a urine drug test because they preserve the colour of your urine and eliminate any potential suspicions. Once you’ve consumed the vitamin, mix one pack of Ball fruit pectin with a gallon of water and drink it. As a result, any remaining drug traces will be disguised so that they don’t show up in your urine. But you have to drink the entire mixture for it to work.

9. For weed smokers, exercise is always recommended to pass a urine drug test. As you know, THC accumulates in fat cells. By eliminating this fat, you’ll also remove any THC that has been stored there.

To increase the likelihood of passing a urine drug test, you should stay active longer than just a couple of weeks before the scheduled date. Then again, just like other toxins, drug metabolites are excreted through urination, meaning you will need to take a break 48 hours before a test to reduce the levels of THC metabolites in your urinary tract and be able to provide a clean sample. And just so you know, exercise alone is not enough to promise a negative result on your test. You should only incorporate exercise as part of a cleansing program.

10. Ingesting a bountiful supply of fibre can also help you pass a urine drug test as it will cause fat-soluble THC metabolites to exit through the colon. And once you use the bathroom, most of the THC metabolites will come out in your stool. At the same time, the roughage will give your metabolism a boost, which is always a plus.


If any of these home remedies aren’t for you, then you can always turn to a more professional solution, like synthetic urine. Fake pee is really the only method that’s guaranteed to work. However, there are precautions you must take to get away with using it. Not only do you have to find a decent hiding spot for your fake urine, primarily if you’ll be supervised during the test, but it also has to be kept at pretty much the same temperature as the real deal.

Not sure what brand of synthetic urine you need? No worries, here at Zamnesia we have a couple of options. For unsupervised tests, try CleanUrin. And for women, our ScreenUrin Set comes with everything you need. Last, but certainly not least, men can always rely on the ScreenyWeeny.


It cannot be stressed enough that the number one way to get clean for a drug test is not to take any drugs at all until it’s over. But we get it, doing that isn’t exactly ideal for everyone. Still, it’s reassuring to know that just because you halt your drug use for a test doesn’t mean you have to give them up altogether. Remember, it’s only temporary. If ever you are curious about how long each substance lingers around in your system, do check out this handy article. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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