10 Best “Highdeas” Of All Time


Some smoke weed to get high. Some smoke weed because of all the amazing things they think of when they’re high. Here are the best highdeas we’ve ever heard of.

A sense of creativity, freedom from inhibition, a willingness to experiment can all come from smoking weed. These are some of the effects that make using cannabis so attractive. The mood-altering and mentally inspiring feelings cannabis can provide are well-known and often lead to the creation of something truly special: highdeas.

The Best Highdeas Of All Time

A highdea is simply an ingenious, totally original idea you think up when you’re, well, high. These are ideas you could only think up while you’re high because otherwise, they might be too “out-there” for normal consumption. The best highdeas show us things we never noticed before, inspire us, and entertain us.

You can find highdeas all over the place. They come in a variety of forms. They’re basically proof that weed can make you more creative.

You can break them down into a few categories. It’s important, however, not to mistake a highdeas with imposters like silly puns or dad jokes. Highdeas are a breed all their own.

Some of them change the way you look at things. Being high can totally increase your powers of observation.

Things you’ve looked at your whole life can suddenly reveal a new dimension of themselves. How could I not see that before? you’ll probably ask yourself. Well, you probably weren’t this high before.

Other highdeas are all about making life better. In fact, if even a fraction of the brilliant highdeas people came up with for improving life became a reality, we’d all be living in a veritable utopia right now!

Rounding it all out are the highdeas that show us the truth is out there. For many of us, highdeas take the form of striking epiphanies and realizations. We peel back the curtain, peer behind the veil, and discover secret meanings lying just beyond the surface of things. Can cannabis be a pathway to truth and enlightenment? These highdeas suggest yes.

10. The Laptop Potpal

9. OK: A Friend You Never Knew You Had

8. Bed Is A Bed

7. Morgan Freeman GPS

6. Glow In The Dark Bubbles

5. The “Weed Magnet”

4. Cannabislandia

3. Homeless Super Mario

2. How The Grinch Stoned Christmas

1. Sex While High

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